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Why Your Hot Water System Melbourne Could be Costing You Money

Hot water on demand is a luxury of modern life, which is often taken for granted. In order to get hot water when you turn the tap, it takes a considerable amount of expensive equipment and energy. The costs of providing hot water for your home can become even greater than usual, if certain maintenance is not conducted. Below, you will discover some common faults, which can easily be spotted by even the most inexperienced person. By being aware of them, you can have your hot water system fixed before it costs you a fortune!

How hot water system Melbourne Works

The most commonly found hot water system Melbourne homes consists of a heated, insulated vat of water, which if working correctly, can provide a constant supply of hot water. The water is heated with a heating element, which is generally fixed to the bottom of the vat the temperature is controlled by a thermostat. The most common household systems use gas, or electricity, to power the heating element. As the water is drawn from the hot water system Melbourne, it is replenished and in turn heated in preparation for use. The vats insulation means that if the system is working correctly, the water should stay warm for an extended period of time once heated. This means that the heating element does not need to be on constantly. If working correctly, this system is an efficient means of providing your home with hot water, but as you will see below, there are common faults that impact this efficiency.

Common Faults That Cost You Money

There are two common faults that affect traditional hot water systems. Many people fail to regularly check their hot water system and this can mean that these faults go unnoticed for lengthy periods of time. The first commonly found fault, is a slow leak. Due to constantly having water move through the system, there is a high chance of corrosion or weakening of seals. While a small leak may seem insignificant in terms of wasted water, in a hot water system, the issue takes on a greater significance.

With water constantly leaving the system, even when hot water isn’t being used in the home, there is a constant flow of unheated water coming into the vat to replenish it. To bring this new water to the required temperature, the heating element must be used. If the leak is large enough, this can result in the heating element running continuously. This wastes expensive gas or electricity and places an unnecessary strain on the heating element. It is imperative that leaks are checked for regularly and promptly repaired.

The second commonly found fault, is an incorrectly set thermostat. Many people think that the water in the hot water system Melbourne must be boiling, but this simply isn’t the case! Most people tend to find water around 60-70 degrees Celsius comfortable for everyday use, so this should be the temperature the thermostat is set at. Having the thermostat set higher is a waste of power and can provide uncomfortably hot water system Melbourne.

Fixing Your hot water system Melbourne

Should you find that your hot water system is suffering from any of the faults mentioned above, it is crucial that they be rectified quickly. If there is a serious problem, it is unlikely that you will be able to fix it yourself – in this situation it is best to contact a qualified tradesman to fix your hot water system.

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