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Do you have a blocked drain in Melbourne? Then call Melbourne 24 Hour Plumbing, your blocked drain experts. We get at the root of the problem to eliminate your blocked drain so you can use your water system.

Blocked drains can be some of the most inconvenient and frustrating plumbing problems. A slow draining sewer makes it difficult to get rid of waste. Alternatively, it could be a complete sewer blockage. You may have sewer problems and not even realise it until the damage becomes large. If you have a broken drain at some point between your home and the street, then your property could be at risk. In most cases, you are responsible for any sewer pipe damage on your property between the street and your home. If this happens to you, then you need to be prepared. 

The worst thing that can happen to you and your family is that you call a plumbing company that is not reliable or professional. We have decades of drain repair experience. Our blocked drain plumbers can diagnose a problem quickly and implement the right course of action.

Time is important when it comes to sewer and drain work. It does not matter if it is the middle of the night, the weekend or Christmas Day; you need help immediately when your drain is blocked. Our blocked drain plumbers are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We know the urgency of a drain situation, and we don’t waste time.

Blocked Drain Melbourne


Blocked Drains in Melbourne Require Licensed Plumbers

The most common cause of drain backup is a blockage in an intersecting service pipe between the home and the city main. In the case of home and office plumbing, generally, the main cause of a blockage is the accumulation grease, hair, dirt, or other materials. Items that block the drain include:

  • disposable napkins
  • broken dish ware
  • sanitary products
  • garbage
  • nappies
  • and other types of debris that should not be put in the drain.

A blocked drain plumber in Melbourne can fix these issues for you!

A problem like this is usually a local problem inside the household. Frequently, it is the water from the home that is backing up. The amount of backup will depend on the amount of water that is being used. When the water is turned off it will drain very slowly. The problem is likely to resurface as soon as the water is turned on again. When your drain starts to back up, the chances are very good that there is a blockage somewhere. Over the years, people flush materials such as soap, hair and household chemicals down the drain. These materials often build up at any point along the line and cause a back up or blockage.

A sewer is just as likely to clogging as a drain. The accumulation of materials that are flushed down a sewer line will gather along the sewer walls and eventually lead to a clogged sewer. 

Damaged Drain Line

A sewer or drain line can be damaged for numerous reasons. If you were digging on your property and accidentally hit the sewer channel, then it could rupture quickly. The line could be old and crack from the pressure of the materials travelling through it. In some cases, the damage just happens and a blocked drain plumber can fix this for you.

Plant Roots in Your Drain

The roots from large trees spend years weakening your sewer lines. If plant roots manage to wrap themselves around your line, then the roots will eventually work their way into sewer pipes. A blocked drain plumber can work to repair damaged blocked lines.

Six DIY Tips to Fix a Blocked Drain in Melbourne

  1. Boiling water – the boiling water trick is nice and easy to implement to fix your blocked drain in Melbourne. All you need to do is boil a pot of water and pour it down the drain. Often, this simple trick is enough to loosen of soften the blockage. Ensure that your pipes are ceramic or metal to avoid damaging your pipes. If your pipes are PVC, this could loosen joints on the pipes and cause more damage. 
  2. Caustic chemical drain cleaner – its easy to purchase this chemical from a hardware store. Many supermarkets sell the chemical too. This strong chemical works by dissolving whats in your drain. Many people do not like using this chemical as its not environmentally friendly. Additionally, if its a hard blockage, the chemical wont work such as a household item stuck in the drain. 
  3. Plunger – this is one of the most popular methods used to clear blocked drains and toilets. The pressure of pumping the plunger up and down aids in moving blockages. You may want to consider that if you have a grease blockage, a plunger will not help you. 
  4. Natural household cleaners – bicarb soda is a very popular method used to unblock a drain. All you need to do is pour some bicarb soda into your drain. After that, add household vinegar. Its suggested that you place something over the drain to prevent the mixture from bubbling over. When the two mixtures come together, oxygen is formed which helps to clear your blocked drain. 
  5. Drain Snake – a drain snake is one of the best tools to use to unblock your drain. You can rent one from hardware stores such as Bunnings. If you have a bad blockage, then you will need a drain snake to unblock your drain. Its important to note that you should be familiar with using a drain snake so that you don’t damage your pipes or the equipment to avoid costly repairs. A drain snake works with a rotating coil at the end of the cable. It spins rapidly this cutting through the blockage. A drain snake should be your absolute last resort in unblocking your drain. 
  6. Hydro jet – a hydro jet is another excellent way to unblock your drain. This works by pushing high pressure water through your drain. Be careful not to touch the water with your hands as this can cause serious injury. The high pressure water forces the blockage to exit your pipes. If you have a solid blockage, this method will not work. As with a drain snake, you can attempt to use a drain snake yourself however we recommend that you call a licensed plumber to do this. 


Blocked Drain in Melbourne