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What is Sewer Jetting?

It is not only unhygienic but also extremely dangerous to have blocked sewer lines and drains in your home. Therefore, they need to be unblocked as soon as possible.

For minor build ups and unclogging, methods such as using chemical treatments and snaking are usually successful. However, unclogging a mainline can be exceedingly difficult, the above mentioned methods of unclogging will not work in severe mainline cases.

For these tough tasks, sewer jetting is always preferred as it is fast and very efficient. Here, we learn what hydro jetting is and how it works.

How it Works

Also known as “water jetters” or “hydro jetters”, sewer jetting refers to the process of using highly powered cleaning machines to unclog a drain or a sewer line. The equipment uses high pressure and can be used for both commercial and residential purposes.

Most sewer jetters have components such as a motor/ engine, a hose reel, different nozzles, and a pump that allow them to function properly. When turned on, the machine pumps water at high pressure into the clogged drain or sewer line.

Depending on the type of nozzle used, the water will be pumped at an angle with enough pressure to unblock the drain. As the water goes into the drain, it clears everything that may have blocked the drain’s path.

The size of the drain to be unblocked, location, and the severity of the blockage will help the plumber to determine the following:

  • What nozzle to use
  • The size and length of the hose to be used
  •  What pressure to use
  • The quantity of water needed for the project.

The Benefits of Using Hydro jetting

The main benefits of hydro-jetting include:           

  •  It is faster with minimal mess.
  •  It is versatile as compared to the other available methods.
  •  It is amazingly effective especially when it comes to unblocking complicated drains.
  •  It is non-invasive. This means you can unclog your drain without having to dig up the ground.
  •  It is safer for the environment.

When Do You Need Hydro Jetting Services?

It is difficult to come up with a specific date of when you will need these services because it is hard to tell when you will have a drain blockage bad enough to warrant its use. However, you can always watch out for the following signs:

  •  If your pipes are old, there is an extremely high chance that they can clog at any time. In that state, they are not as efficient as when they were new.
  •  How much do you rely on your drainage system? If you have a home with many people throughout the year, chances are you will need these drain and sewer line unblocking services more frequently than a person with a home with less people using the drainages.
  •  The general rule of the thumb is to conduct maintenance practices on your drainage after every 18-24 months. At this point, you might need a sewer jetter.

Why Hire a Professional Plumber? 

As you may have noticed, there are a lot of protocols to follow when using a hydro-jetter. The pressure, hose and the nozzle must be in perfect order to ensure success. For this, you need a professional plumber to handle it for you. Other benefits of hiring a professional plumber include: 

  •  He has the expertise and experience to do the job quickly
  •  He can evaluate the situation and tell what the best method of approaching the project is.
  •  A professional is certified. He does a clean and quality job.
  •  A professional has insurance cover. In case of any mishaps or damage, you will not be liable.

The Key Takeaway

Sewer jetting is an amazingly effective method of unblocking a drain or sewer line. It uses water at high pressure to go through the sewer line while removing any obstacles or debris that may be causing the blockage.

Hydro jetting is perfect because it is less tedious, it is environmentally friendly, and it is very versatile. However, for this process to be successful, you need to have the right nozzle, the perfect hose size, and the ideal water pressure to push through the sewer line.

Such services require professional and reputable plumbers. Fortunately, Melbourne 24 Hour Plumbing has got your back. Kindly call us through 1300 931 384 to get your plumbing problems fixed today!

You can also learn more about our hydro jetting services, and the many other plumbing services that we have to offer by visiting our website.


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