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What Are the Common Symptoms of Blocked Drain Melbourne?

Every year thousands of Australian residents deal with blocked drain Melbourne, which in many cases lead to expensive repair jobs. The South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria is one particular area that experiences a high ratio of blocked drain Melbourne issues. Tree roots are one of the major causes of damaged drains and with the area home to many mature homes and tress it’s no surprise of the incidents of blockages.

Melbourne, Australia is known as the garden state and for good reason. Driving through the eastern suburbs you will be struck by the greenery of the area. But with greenery comes tree roots, the biggest cause of blocked drain Melbourne. When discussing drain blockages with plumbers it’s important to know the different type of drains. In Australia, we have two standard types, sewer and stormwater drains.

Sewer drains collect the wastewater from your home’s toilets, kitchens and bathrooms and other areas of your house. Stormwater drains catch the water that hits the roads, roofs, paths and most outdoor areas. Sewers have stricter set of guidelines in Victoria compared with stormwater drains, which protects what can end up in sewers.

Tree roots are the biggest cause of underground sewer blockages but there are other causes, including lack of gradient in the pipework, too many bends and drain blockages due to household and personal objects being disposed off down the pipes. Disposing of rubbish down sewer pipes not only leads to blocked drain Melbourne but it’s also pollutes the environmental.

Luckily, in Melbourne there are a number of quality plumbers who specialise in blocked drain Melbourne and emergency call outs. Also you will notice plumbers have improved their cleanliness standards and many promise to leave your home as clean as it was when they arrived, which is a big statement for plumbers! In summer, it’s a good idea to keep stormwater drains clean of rubbish or debris especially if you’re living in a flood prone area.

The most common cause of drain becoming clogged are from large objects being flushed. Drains are not designed to cope with large object including:

  • Sanitary Products
  • Baby Wipes Toilet
  • Deodorant block holders.

Other causes of blockages are Tree Roots. Tree roots find their way through into pipes through the crack or joints of pipes & through breaks in the pipe wall.

What are the signs or symptoms?

There are many different causes of blockages. The most common symptoms or signs include:

  • Water is filling up in the shower. Only after you get out of the shower you notice the water starting to retreat.
  • The toilet seems to continue to fill up and takes a while for the water levels to draw back to normal
  • Your getting some bad smells & odours wafting through the house, kitchen, bathrooms or laundry

There are also many causes of drainpipes becoming clogged up. Some of the most common symptoms of signs of a blocked drain Melbourne pipe include

  • The water level is growing when you run the tap in the sink. You come back a few minutes later and notice the water levels on starting to drop
  • You flush the toilet however the waste does not disappear. You come back several minutes later to notice the water levels have only gone down by half
  • You look outside only to notice there is an overflow

Recommendations for a Plumber for people living in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

There are many good plumbers in Melbourne that are more than capable of assisting you properly without breaking the bank.

Another and very revolutionary method is Hydro Jetting the problem away. What is Hydro Jetting you ask. Hydro Jetting is an environmentally friendly solution to blocked drain Melbourne, it is efficient, thorough and fast to ensure your blocked drain Melbourne is resolved quickly letting you get back to your business, home or relaxing.

With Hydro Jetting a hose with a specially designed high pressure nozzle is placed into the pipe on the downstream side of the blockage. The high pressure cuts its way through the blockage and all the water used in the process will drain away all of the resulting pulverised debris. All you will end up with is a pipe system that will be as good as new internally.

If the issue was caused by roots finding their way into your pipes you have a compromised system and the roots will simply keep coming in unless you remove the source of the roots and/or fix the pipe. You need to ask yourself, has the pipe been damaged too much to stay in the ground and where is this damage located?

If you are experiencing blocked drain Melbourne or blocked sewers & are looking for an affordable plumber in Melbourne, I would have to recommend you give O’Shea Plumbing a try.

Call the Plumbing or Blocked drain Melbourne Experts – If all other methods have failed it is time to call a plumber or blocked drain Melbourne specialist like O’Shea Plumbing & Blocked drain Melbourne Specialists in Melbourne with great prices, fixed quotes & speedy service by our experienced plumbers.

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