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Three Things You Can do to Reduce the Cost of Real Estate Plumbing Maintenance Repairs

One of the best ways to save on the cost of today’s Real Estate Plumbing is to put the right type of preventative measures in place. This is especially true for real estate agents in Melbourne who are responsible for managing and letting properties for residential and commercial tenants. Since many of today’s common plumbing repairs are avoidable, here are 3 things that real estate agents can do to prevent common repair plumbing problems.

1. Create a Preventative Real Estate Plumbing Maintenance Schedule

As mentioned above, many common costly plumbing maintenance and repair problems can be avoided. With the right types of preventative measures in place, real estate agents will not only save time but also money. So, one of the first things that should be done is to create a schedule that will take care of these issues. The schedule that you create should include the following.

  • Clear clogged or slow drains
  • Repair leaky or corroded pipes     
  • Install, repair, and replace water heaters     
  • Repair old and worn toilets    
  • Service septic tanks, including hiring professionals to inspect and install new septic tanks whenever it is needed
  • Repair sinks and faucets
  • Repair bathtubs and showers

As a rule of thumb, this type of maintenance is highly recommended at least once a year. Therefore, it is important to set specific times for this type of real estate plumbing maintenance to be performed and everyone involved should follow these plans regularly. By following these schedules, you can also reduce the frequency and cost of emergency plumbing repair problems.

2. Fix Leaking Faucets and Shower heads Immediately

Real estate agents should also pay close attention to certain types of plumbing problems on a continuous basis, specifically those that spike rises in their tenants’ water and electric bills. For instance, there are some signs and symptoms that normally indicate that there is a leaky faucet on the inside of a home. One of the easiest to recognize is a significant increase in the amount of water used and electricity consumption. When both bills rise at the same time, there is usually a water leak on the hot water side in the kitchen or the bathroom. Either way, these leaks must be prepared as quickly as possible.

Also, whenever a faucet leaks, the real estate agents can expect to see approximately 180 gallons of water waste within the span of only one week. These types of high costly plumbing problems are completely avoidable if addressed immediately. Here are some of the common real estate plumbing maintenance problems that should be fixed to correct these types of issues. 

  • A corroded valve seat       
  • Problems with the O-ring       
  • A worn-out washer

Fortunately, a simple inspection can help to identify this type of problem. Here are some of the things that need to be done to find leaks inside of the home:      

  • Check sink handles for leaks      
  • Look under the sinks for leaks in the pipes     
  • Pay close attention to water stains in these areas.

3. Inspect Plumbing Systems for Broken, Worn, and Clogged Pipes 

To avoid serious and unnecessary problems with broken pipes in your plumbing systems, you need to make sure that the pipes in residential and commercial property are repaired and replaced properly. For instance, if you want to avoid broken pipes that lead to flood waters on your real estate properties, you may want to hire a professional to look for all vulnerabilities in the piping systems. By ensuring the plumbing in these areas are not weak, rusted, or too worn to work as it should, you may have a chance to find the following:


Unfortunately, some plumbing issues are not caught or exposed until it is too late to correct without being affected by costly and time-consuming repairs. For example, these are potential real estate plumbing maintenance (i.e. old worn weak pipes) that’s usually hidden behind a wall that is not easy to see or get to. Yet, when these pipes are inspected by someone who knows the potential of what can occur, they can be fixed, repaired, or replaced to avoid emergency plumbing repairs.


Did you know that clogged and blocked drains usually develop slowly over time? Therefore, a clogged pipe or blockage can be detected early before huge problems can affect a tenant’s everyday living. Some of the signs that this problem can be visible. Here are just a few signs and symptoms that are easy to notice.

  • Water begins to drain slowly      
  • Bad and unpleasant odors radiate from sinks      
  • Sounds of Gurgling

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Keeping up real estate property can be challenging and costly, especially if you do not have a plan to control and manage plumbing repairs before they happen. On the other hand, if you create a schedule, fix leaks immediately, and inspect real estate properties for potential hidden damage in plumbing systems, you can avoid unnecessary emergencies, and save time, and money too.

So, if you are looking for professional plumbing services in Melbourne, our team of professionals at Melbourne 24 hour Plumbing is equipped with the expertise that you need. Just visit our site at https://melbourne24hourplumbing.com.au/ or contact us by phone at 1300 931 384 We have the latest equipment in the industry and we are available to help you with meeting your regular scheduled set times.




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