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The Services Offered by a Professional Plumber in Melbourne

Unlike in the past, when most people enlisted the services of a plumber only when an issue occurred, today, many commercial and residential property owners are hiring plumbers for checkups and maintenance services. Through the inspections, plumbers can fix a problem before it becomes worse. Other than maintenance services, plumbers offer various services, and it is impossible to live without enlisting their services at least once in a while. Here are some services you can get from a professional plumber in Melbourne, such as Melbourne 24-Hour Plumbing.

Drain cleaning

The drainage system is among the essential parts of any property. The bathroom and kitchen sinks are important components of the drainage system because they are critical for removing wastewater from the house. If they malfunction, they can pose a health threat to the property owner and put most of the activities at a standstill. We are professionals in installing, maintaining, and replacing drainage systems.

Hot water services·     

Hot water system installation and repairs are the other services you can receive from a professional plumber in Melbourne. No one would imagine taking a cold shower, especially during the freezing winter. Unlike in the past, today, plumbers are just a call away. You can even stick to a certain plumbing company if you are happy with its services. It is advisable to install a tankless water heater because it uses high-powered burners, and it is more energy-efficient than the traditional water heater. We are experts in installing such water heaters, identifying issues with them, and fixing them appropriately.

Toilet repair

The other service that a plumber in Melbourne offers is toilet repair. We can help you deal with a clogged toilet or one with flushing issues. We are also professionals in handling overflowing toilets, which could be a nightmare for every homeowner.

Water/sewer line replacement

Most people think that once the water goes down their drain, it is out of their lives forever. Although this is partially true, the said water has to go somewhere. If there are issues with your water or sewer line, you will find that the water never goes to where it is supposed to but gets into your house or bubbles out of your ground. You should hire a plumber to repair or replace the sewer line if you face this issue. Note that sewer problems are both unpleasant and hard to deal with. ‘t hesitate to contact us if you notice foul smells, the waste water draining slowly, and abnormal sounds. We shall assess the problem and come up with the best possible solution.

Performing tests to detect odors

A funky smell in your house may be both a nuisance and a safety risk. A professional plumber in Melbourne can identify the smell’s source through a smoke test or electronic means. At Melbourne 24-Hour Plumbing, we can inject smoke into your plumbing system to help us identify where exactly the gasses or water is exiting your pipe. These tests will enhance your utility efficiency and give you peace of mind.

Backflow preventers installations and repairs

Many property owners do not think about backflow preventers until it is too late. If you don’t have backflow preventers, you might be bathing and drinking contaminated water. The local and state authorities normally demand homeowners have backflow preventer services in their homes. The major benefit of installing a backflow system in your home is ensuring that wastewater does not siphon back into the pure water.

System inspections

Homeowners should opt for annual system inspections to help avoid those emergency issues.

When to contact a plumber promptly 

  • You are not getting water at all
  • You have no hot water
  • If your water heater is sweating
  • Your water pressure is low
  • Your drain fails to drain
  • Continuous dripping of your faucet
  • Constant overflow in your toilet
  • A soggy basement
  • A serious backflow issue
  • Water is gurgling up
  • Burst pipes
  • The installation of new appliances
  • If your property smells like a sewage

Why you should avoid DIY 

You may choose to solve plumbing issues by yourself to save on the cost. Although it is possible to guess your way through some things, plumbing issues may not be the same. To handle plumbing issues successfully, you must be trained and know the current coding standards. Attempting to address the problems yourself can lead to more damage than good, which can be very expensive. To deal with all your plumbing issues successfully, contact a plumber in Melbourne. Melbourne 24-Hour Plumbing can handle all plumbing issues and is available 24/7. We also use the right tools when handling any plumbing task. Our helpline is 1300 931 384.



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