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Blocked drains are an occasional problem in Melbourne homes. The drain flows slowly, and it becomes worse if the drain is totally blocked. This is not only a nuisance but can be very frustrating.

They inconvenience us from our daily routine activities like laundry, using the kitchen or the bathroom. Sometimes we don’t realize that our sewers are blocked until too late, leading to significant damages.

You always must be prepared for such occurrences and calling in the right plumbers is one thing you should highly consider. They will appropriately diagnose the issue and implement the right repair strategies to get your life and home back on track.

Melbourne, 24 Hour Plumbing is your best choice for unclogging your blocked drain in Melbourne. We have plenty of knowledge, experience and the right equipment, including drain cameras and High-Pressure Water Jetters to completely clean and restore your drains.

What causes blocked drains in Melbourne

  • Toiletries such as baby wipes.
  •  Foods’ fat and grease.
  • Foreign objects such as children flushing down their toys.
  •  Hair buildup.
  •  Leaves and roots from trees.

The various damages and health hazards a blocked drain can present

Blocked drains in Melbourne are followed up by several issues that will not only damage property but may also cause health risks. Some of these problems include:


A blockage in the drain pipes can easily lead to flooding. Once the water and waste in the pipes have nowhere to go, they back up. This can happen very fast, especially with complete blockage.

Structural damage

Seriously blocked pipes and sewers are a recipe for structural damage. It is a very expensive outcome as it will cost you a lot to restore your property. Your pipes may leak or break, or the drain might cause a massive flood in your house.


Blocked drains create a suitable environment for mold to thrive. Mold makes our immunity weak and worsens for people with allergies. You will know when your home is infested with mold if you suffer side effects such as sneezing and coughing, a skin rash, and wheezing.

Microbes and bacteria

The backward flow of waste caused by blocked drains is a perfect breeding ground for threatening micro-organisms and bacteria. It can lead to illnesses and bacteria such as Legionella and Legionnaires’ disease, Salmonella, Typhoid, E. coli, Staph and Campylobacter.

Toxic gasses

Every plumbing system has some form of stagnant water and waste at the end, which includes decaying food, chemicals, human waste, and more that lead to toxic gasses. When clogged, these gasses make their way into your home’s atmosphere.

Pest infestation

Pests such as fruit flies, ants and cockroaches often come around when you have a blocked drain. They are not only nasty but carry bacteria and spread it around your home.

DIY remedies for your blocked drain

Before calling in an expert, you can try these few remedies for your blocked drain in Melbourne. However, not all types of blockages can be remedied with these methods.

Some work well for grease blockages and others for hard jams. It would be best to use waterproof gloves, especially when handling chemicals.

  •  A plunger. You can use it for your toilet or blocked sink. The pumping up and down pressure will help clear most blockages.
  • Boil a pot of water and pour it down the drain. It is an excellent way to clear minor blockages in the form of grease that may be slowing down your drain. Only do this to metallic or ceramic pipes.
  •  Household cleaners. Bicarb soda and vinegar are the easiest and most common ways to unblock your drain. Pour a cup of bicarb soda into the drain followed by vinegar, cover the drain, and let it sit for a while. Oxygen will form, clearing the blockage.
  • Chemical drain cleaners from the store. They help dissolve most blockages but are not considered friendly to the environment.
  • Buy or rent a drain snake. This tool is efficient at unclogging your drains. Please familiarize yourself with how to use it to avoid damaging your pipes. Using a drain snake should be your last option.
  • A hydro jet. The high-pressure water you push down the drain using a hydro jet forces the blockage out of your pipe. When handling a hydro jet, always take caution as the water pressure is very high and can injure your hands. We highly recommend that you call a plumber to do this.

If the blockage is further down the sewerage pipes, it is hard for these remedies to work. You will need to contact a blocked drain plumber to fix the clogged pipes.

Are you experiencing a blocked drain in Melbourne? Call the best-blocked drain experts, Melbourne 24 Hour Plumbing, and we will access the root of the problem and clear your blocked drains in good time so you can continue using your water system comfortably.

We are well equipped, professional and our blocked drain plumbers are highly qualified. Our services also include repairs to hot water systems, leaking taps, burst pipes, Gas plumbing and more. Contact us on 1300 931 384, and we will be there at your earliest convenience.





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