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The Benefits of Securing an Emergency Plumber in Melbourne

Are you looking for a qualified and well-experienced plumber who offers services twenty-four hours, seven days a week? No need to keep searching because an emergency plumber in Melbourne provides a solution to your problems. These emergency plumbers always come to you whenever you seek their services be it during the day or night. They are also reliable, speedy, and economical. Some of the services they offer are fixing blocked toilets and drains, hot water system installation and repair, all types of installations, leaking pipes, and burst pipes. If you wonder which days the above services are available, it is important to note that the plumbers are always ready to attend to your needs seven days a week anytime. Let’s get to discuss in detail the different types of services offered.

What are the types of services offered?

Unblocking drains

Most people assume that a handyman has sufficient skills to deal with a blocked drain. However, it is not the case because blocked drains require an experienced plumbing professional to avoid causing further damage to your pipes. Further damage to your drain increases your repair cost. That is why the plumbing team is here for you to ensure it does not occur. Blocked sewers and drains must be attended to immediately because they can make your toilet stop working. Taking a shower or bath will be quite difficult because water reverses through your blocked pipes and shows up in your shower or bathtub. In this case, flushing your toilet or running a tap will be quite challenging.

Repairing burst pipes

Burst pipes are usually common in Melbourne during the winter season. A burst pipe can be disadvantageous to your business or house because it can cause damage to your walls, furniture, foundation, or floor. In most cases, pipes burst because of water freezing within them. Therefore, Melbourne emergency plumber has the necessary skills required to fix your burst pipes. The expert may choose to either replace or repair the burst pipe. They are also quick, and their services are cost-effective.

Leaking tap repairs

A leaking tap can be a real pain to your house or business because it keeps spilling water, thus raising your water bill, or causing damage to the surrounding furniture. Most mixer taps usually leak from their handles, causing water to drip to places that are required not to be wet, like walls and cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom. The dripping water causes mold growth. A plumber fixes your leaking tap by replacing the washers, and in some instances may have to replace the tap.

Hot water system repairs and installation

Some board-certified gas plumbers can operate on all types of hot water systems in commercial and home premises. These specialists have many years of experience, thus enabling them to diagnose your hot water system problem faster. After identifying the issue, they deal with the concern on the same day because they understand that the hot water system is essential because a cold shower is not friendly to everyone. Besides doing hot water system repairs, Emergency plumber in Melbourne also installs new hot water systems. After calling our offices, the plumbers will help you choose the best hot water system within your budget. They also have all the tools required to install any hot water system you decide on installing.

The advantage of reaching out to our plumbers

Our plumbers are not only experienced in taking care of your piping and plumbing problems but are knowledgeable in offering excellent customer services. Irrespective of the type of job you have requested them to handle for you, they offer quality services with stunning results.

In summary, if you require twenty-four hours of plumbing services to help you deal with emergency and non-emergency plumbing situations at your business or home, Melbourne 24 Hour Plumbing is just a dial away. You will get your call answered no matter the time or day you call, including the holidays. They also offer all types of plumbing services, including repairing leaking taps, unblocking blocked drains, repairing or replacing burst pipes, installing or repairing hot water systems, gas plumbing, and other installation services. You can call our offices on 1300 931 384 anytime you have an issue with your plumbing system. Our plumbers have the necessary tools required to deal with any problem or for any installation.


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