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Reasons For A Blocked Drain Plumber Melbourne

It’s a busy Monday morning and of all things that could go wrong, you notice that your drain is blocked. This may seem like reason for panic, but never fear, it’s probably easier to fix than you think, even if you aren’t the most handy of people. The first step to fixing a blocked drain is to figure out why, so you can see if you need to enlist in the help of a professional, or if it is a DIY project. A few common causes for a blocked drain include:

-Foreign Objects or Debris
This can be hair from the shower, or something your four year old decided to flush. Blockage caused by an object or debris are the simplest to fix. You can try a couple of techniques. One is the boiling water strategy. This is as easy as it sounds, just bring water to a boil and pour it down the drain that is clogged. You may have to repeat a few times for results. Another tactic is using baking soda and vinegar. Mix one third cup of each and let the fizzy mixture sit overnight, then rinse with hot water. You could also try using a rod or coat hanger to move the obstruction. Use hot water to loosen the object, then use the rod to clear the debris.

-Too Much Water
This can be caused from a storm or a flood, and occurs when there is too much water in the pipe that it may not be built to handle, or if a toilet is flushed in excess. This type of blockage can cause flooding from the toilet or pipe which gets very unpleasant. This problem is fixed by draining the water, which can be tricky, so call a plumber for this one.

-Broken Pipe or Incorrect Installation
A broken pike can occur during bad weather or a heavy object. It can also occur when too much pressure is put on the pipes, either from water or debris. A cause for drain issues may also be incorrect installation, which you will need a professional to fix.

Water Flow Issues
-If a pipe doesn’t run downhill, then the water cannot flow with gravity, making blockages a common occurrence. Try first using a plunger to unclog the blockage, but if you find that it doesn’t work, or happens often, you may consider calling a professional to fix the installation of the pipes.

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