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People understand the value of Hot Water System Melbourne when it stops, particularly if the stoppage occurs while taking a shower. While the units are generally dependable and may even function for years without breaking down, failures are bound to take place at one point. An understanding of the functionality of the various types of the system, as detailed below, can give you a rough idea of what repairs entail. Read on.

Types of hot water systems:

Electric Hot Water System Melbourne

There are two forms of this type; Storage and Instantaneous. The first heats water and stores in an insulated tank for use as necessary, while the latter only heats water when required. Consequently, the instantaneous, also called continuous flow type does not need a storage tank. A typical electric Hot Water System Melbourne is of the storage type. At Melbourne 24 Hour plumbing, we are skilled in installing, repairing and maintaining both varieties.

Solar Hot Water System Melbourne

This type utilizes the sun’s energy, as opposed to electricity to heat water. It consists of solar panels that harness solar energy, storage tank and electric or gas booster. The booster comes to play during seasons of minimal sunlight. Consequently, you have a constant flow of water throughout including during the cloudy seasons and times of short durations of sunlight. Note that a solar hot water system Melbourne only heats and stores water in a tank. You cannot use the energy of the system on other parts of your home.

Heat-pump Hot Water System Melbourne

This latest system utilizes heat possessed by the surrounding air to heat the water inside a storage tank. It uses a refrigerant gas, pressurized in a compressor, to draw heat from the air. The refrigerant absorbs heat then releases it in the water inside a storage tank. The surrounding air temperature, therefore, determines the final water temperature. That is why a Heat-pump Hot Water System best suits warmer climate in which surrounding temperatures are generally high.

Why You Are Getting Cold Water from your Heater

Hot Water Heaters Melbourne not only heat but also store water. Subsequently, how fast your Hot Water System Melbourne heats water (recovery rate) and the size of the storage tank determines the efficiency of the system. Recovery rate dictates how much water, in litres, your unit heats per hour. If you draw water at a rate that exceeds that of heating, the water temperature will drop. Get in touch with us at 1300 931 384 and we will size your unit to ensure you always have a constant hot water supply.

Melbourne 24 Hour plumbing is your go-to service provider when installing, during breakdown, and servicing and maintaining your Hot Water System Melbourne. Besides being available round the clock, we have everything it takes to fix any type of hot water system right the first time. No water heating system task is too small for our specialized personnel. From repairs to replacement we tackle every assignment with the seriousness it deserves. Immediately any disaster that relates to your hot water system strikes, contact us. We will spring to action and restore normalcy in the shortest time possible.

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