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Leaking Tap: The Causes and What to Do

Let’s face it: we’ve encountered situations where you forget to turn off your taps, only to come back to a flooded house. Perhaps you’re the cautious type of person who didn’t leave the taps on, but you have still found them dripping water. Whatever the case, a leaking tap can happen to anyone regardless of whether they’re forgetful or otherwise. Whether it’s your first time going through this, or you have faced it before, getting a licensed plumber to fix your leaking tap in Melbourne can be an excellent idea to end your problem once and for all.

Why is your tap leaking?

Your tap could be dripping depending on the following factors:

  1. Underlying problems with your plumbing system

Your home’s plumbing system is so complicated that a layman’s naked eye might not notice the problem. When you discover that your tap is leaking, the first thing that crosses your mind is that the faucet is faulty and needs a replacement or repair. In the real sense, a dripping tap could be a sign of an underlying problem with your plumbing system, such as a broken pipe. Even if you buy a new tap, the problem might keep recurring.

  1. Inconsistent water pressure

Sometimes, the water pressure in your area may fluctuate, resulting in dripping taps. If you notice that your tap leaks during specific hours of the day, and the dripping happens when you take a shower or flush your toilet, the main cause could be fluctuating water pressure.

  1. Wrong tap installation

While you may be a pro at installing taps by yourself, any single mistake can make your taps leak. Even if you succeed at installing the tap and it doesn’t show any signs of leaking, that’s no excuse to prove it won’t leak anytime soon.

  1. Taps have succumbed to wear and tear.

Wear-and-tear is a common occurrence in plumbing systems; taps aren’t an exception. If yours is a tap aged more than a decade, leaking is a sign that it’s time to upgrade to quality-assuring faucets which can also modernize your home.

What to do if you have a leaking tap or faucet

Diagnosing the cause of a dripping tap can be challenging, particularly if you’re clueless about plumbing. Here is what to do if you’re in this type of situation:

  1. Get a water pressure regulator to address inconsistent water pressure

After gathering evidence that your tap is leaking due to water pressure, the only way to solve this problem is to get a pressure regulator. The first sign of a problem involves water jetting out in full force when turning your tap on, getting you soaked. Since the last thing you need is paying hefty bills for water wastage, it’s best to get a water regulator to control the water flow and pressure.

  1. Shut off the water supply valves

To minimize water wastage due to a dripping tap, consider shutting off the water supply valves probably located under the sink. This gives you ample time to determine the cause of a dripping tap. You can start by separating the faucet from the inlet pipe it’s attached to. If the faucet is faulty, you can replace it with a new one.

  1. Get a licensed plumber to diagnose and treat the problem.

What are the odds that your persistent dripping tap is more complicated than your DIY inputs could solve? No matter how talented you are at fixing a leaking tap in Melbourne, nothing beats the power of accepting that you may be clueless about certain issues. This concept is particularly relevant if you’ve tried fixing recurring problems, but they keep coming back.

Your peace of mind is more important. You also need to save the money and time you’d spend if you fix it on your own. Hiring a licensed plumber helps you fix the problem once and for all so that you can focus on what matters the most.

You don’t need to suffer the repercussions of a dripping tap

Be it faucet upgrades, installations, repairs or maintenance, Melbourne 24 Hour Plumbing is ready to help you with whatever problem you have. We offer 24-hour emergency services and have all the spare parts in our vehicles to fix your leaking tap. We also conduct repairs for hot water systems, blocked drains, burst pipes, gas plumbing and many others. Call us on 1300 931 384 if you have any plumbing issues mentioned above.


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