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Leaking Tap Repair

Leaking taps are common occurrences in many homes. Having skills on how to fix leaking taps is a major boost especially when the plumber or plumbing services are not available during the time of need. There are several causes of leaking taps. The good thing is that with the right steps these problems are simple to fix. Upon discovery of a leaking tap, the first thing you should do is find the relevant tools. Most tools are usually kept away from the children. This means that you may have to go to the precise location where they are kept.

The second step is to identify the source of the leak. Identifying the source of the leak helps you to establish steps of fixing the tap. In most instances, washers cause tap leaks. Taps have three washers that you can easily replace when they start to leak. These washers include the o-ring, the jumper valve and the body washer. If the washers are causing the leaks, then it is recommended that they be replaced. Washers come in standard sizes. To avoid disappointments, take the washer to be replaced to the nearest hardware store or a specialised plumbing store in order to get the right measurements.

After securing the washer, the next step is to replace it. During this process turn off the main water supply. Open the tap and release the water that is left in the pipe. Place the plugs in a basin in order to avoid losing any parts of the tap. Gradually remove the tap cover using a screwdriver. Taps have different screw positions, for instance, there are taps that have screws positioned on their sides. Unscrew to remove the handle. Using a spanner or wrench, unscrew the tap bonnet. By removing this gear, you are able to see the three washers. During this process, the jumper valve falls out. Replace these washers and then refit the bonnet making sure that you have tightened all the nuts. At this point, reassemble the tap, open the water and check if the leak has ceased.

There are instances where the leak continues even after replacing the washers. In such cases, the tap needs to be reseated. The process of reseating resurfaces the tap so that the washers obtain the tightest seal. You can easily do this by purchasing a reseating kit. The good thing about this kit is that it comes with an entire set of washers and seals that are used to reseat the tap.

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