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Importance of a Sewer Inspection Using a Drain Camera in Melbourne

Nowadays, digital imaging is used for many things. Not only is it used in the medical and military fields, but also the plumbing world. Now plumbers can use digital technology to inspect sewer lines in commercial and residential properties in the form of small waterproof cameras. A drain camera has become indispensable when it comes to drain cleaning and to find faults in the drainage system.

A drain camera is tiny and when attached to a flexible rod can fit down in any drainage system because of its flexibility and size. It can easily be used in curved and bent areas, helping a plumber see where all the clogs are. A plumber can view the images the camera records on a mobile device or screen to determine which areas of the drainage system need fixing.

If you are having problems with your drainage system, it is essential to hire a plumber to help unclog your drainage system. Look for plumbers who use a drain camera in Melbourne to help you with your blocked drains. At Melbourne 24 hour Plumbing, we have the experience and knowledge of using this device.

Using a drain camera to inspect your drainage system is vital because it helps you know exactly what is wrong with your drainage system.

Here are some reasons why it is essential to use a drain camera to inspect your drains.

1. It shows the exact location and nature of the problematic area.

It is sometimes hard to know how far down the clog is. Have the pipes collected up a lot of debris that turns into a blockage? These facts cannot be understood by just mere estimation, but you can precisely answer the questions when you use a drain camera. The drain camera gives a plumber valuable information that he can use to conduct a thorough cleaning of the drainage system. A plumber does not need to speculate or do guesswork because he has the correct information from the drain camera.

2. Use of a camera spots small problems before they can escalate

A drain camera inspection can help you spot issues early, such as drain line leaks. The issues can then be sorted out before becoming major issues. Spotting problems early allows one to take remedial action and prevent costly repairs.in the future.

3. You may find surprises in your drain system

After some time, many things get washed down the drain. Items such as earrings, small coins, and other house items can get washed down the drain. These little things often do not get washed down to the septic tank or sewer line, but they end up lodged in the drain pipes for an exceptionally long time. Plumbers who use a drain camera in Melbourne can see these items and can retrieve them. You may have lost some of your precious items, such as earrings, but when your drainage system is checked with a drain camera, you can retrieve your possessions.

Seeing and cleaning

Cleaning the drain regularly is vital to keep your plumbing lines in good working order to prevent severe damage caused by drain line leaks. When you want your drainage blockages to be done effectively, you need a drain camera to see exactly what has blocked your drainage system. It is important to use this technology to keep homes and workplaces comfortable without undergoing so much hassle to unblock drainage lines.

Using a drainage camera when solving any plumbing problems gives you a clear view of every inch of your drains. Everything that the camera finds it displays on the screen, and you can view it showing the exact pipe that has a problem. A plumber quickly sees the problematic area and can easily fix the problem-saving time and money.

At Melbourne 24-hour Plumbing, we deal with blocked drainage systems using use drain cameras. We have the experience and tools to deal with any plumbing problem when it occurs. We also offer other services around the clock, such as:

  • Kitchen and bathroom issues
  • Leaking tap issues
  • Hot water system issues
  • Leaking toilet issues
  • Sewage smells
  • Running toilet issues
  • Gas plumbing issues

Our staff is experienced, and we have enough human resources to cover both commercial and domestic properties. Therefore, no job is too big for us. We can handle plumbing problems of any magnitude. We work with expertise and speed, if you need professionals to do your plumbing works, do not hesitate to call us. Contact us on 1300 931 384, and we will solve any drainage problem.



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