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How to Deal with a Burst Pipe in Melbourne

Water is an essential commodity in our lives which we need for survival in our everyday activities. However, we need to maintain the pipes that carry our water safe and clean for usage in our homes and businesses.

Water pipes are vital, although when they burst, they incur homeowner’s great losses. When pipes burst, they can lead to flooding in your residence, which results in damage to furniture, floors, and carpets in your home.

Reasons why water pipes burst?

What exactly causes water pipes to burst? Several factors can cause pipes to burst, such as pipes bursting due to freezing and corrosion. Let us have a look at the specifics.


Low temperatures, particularly during the winter season, cause many things to contract. This includes water pipes. Contraction in water pipes causes them to reduce in size. When the pipe contracts, does your water contract too? No, water does not contract. It turns into ice that expands due to an increase in volume. This creates stress to the pipes leading to their demise by bursting. This is a common reason for burst pipes in Melbourne.

Tree root growth

As trees grow, their roots encroach more area underground, they don’t change their route, and whatever is in their way will have to pave the way or suffer the entanglement. Pipes will sadly face the entanglement. Tree roots are strong, and though slow, tree roots apply pressure to the water pipes, causing them to fracture or crack and eventually burst.

Clogging in pipes

Clogs such as kitchen fat and hair down your shower and toilet cause clogging inside water pipes. They might cause pressure to build up in the pipes, and eventually, the pipes might burst. Too much pressure will cause the pipes to be weak and brittle and later crack leading to the pipes bursting.

Exceedingly high water pressure

Water flowing inside pipes should have a normal water pressure of around 40 to 45 psi. If the water pressure exceeds 60 psi, the pipes become vulnerable to bursting.


Pipes made of steel are vulnerable to rusting due to water abuse over time. This causes the pipelining to corrode, get narrow, and eventually bursting.

How to keep water pipes from bursting?

After suffering from a pipe burst, and now having done the necessary repairs you might wonder how to prevent this from happening in the future? How do you prevent these burst pipes in Melbourne? Here are a few tips on how to avoid pipes bursting in the future.

  • To prevent taps from freezing, you can leave your faucets dripping. If you keep the water moving constantly, it prevents the water from freezing in one place.
  • To prevent tree root growth from causing burst pipes, plant new trees as far away from your water pipes as possible. You cannot do much to the root growth of a tree once it is planted, but you can plan how to lay your pipes far from the trees.
  • Clogging in water pipes can be prevented when you are cognizant of what you throw down your drains as you may never know when the materials will be too much and cause a blockage.
  • To prevent corrosion of pipes from occurring in steel pipes is exceedingly difficult.  We therefore advise you to opt for copper or plastic (PVC) pipes and you will not have to worry about corrosion in the future.
  • Regarding water pressure control, it is advisable to seek the services of a qualified plumber, who will locate the problem and conduct the required repairs. It may be necessary to install a pressure limiting valve.

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