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Hot Water Systems in Melbourne

Hot water systems in Melbourne are a typically essential element of any house. Hot water helps in cleaning, cooking, and washing. If you are looking for a Hot Water System, it is good to get professionals to help you. They have the necessary experience and knowledge to provide top-quality results.

Types of Hot Water Systems

1. Solar Hot Water (SHW) Systems

These systems collect solar energy and heat the water, thus reducing reliance on electricity or gas during hot weather. Solar SHW also helps with saving money by using renewable energy instead of non-renewable sources in summer when it’s not required.

2. Gas Hot Water System

A typical gas system heats the water using a burner powered by natural or propane gas. A storage tank at home stores the used water once heated by the burner until you need to use it again. This system works well for households with no direct sunlight.

3. Electric Hot Water System

These systems are the most common in Australia and range from tankless to continuous flow. A tankless electric system heats cold water when it’s available. While a constant flow system has an attached storage tank that takes the heated water to your bathrooms, laundries, or other locations.

4. Solar SHW System with Gas Backup

This system combines a solar collector and a gas storage tank in one hybrid unit. It works like any other electric hot water system during winter or cloudy days without sunlight.

5. Electric Instantaneous System

An instantaneous electric system heats water at the point of use only, making it ideal for end-suite bathrooms and laundries. You don’t have to waste time waiting for hot water while doing your chores. The best part about these systems is that you can control their size according to your household needs by adding additional elements as needed.

Factors That Determine the Type of Hot Water System You Require

Every household has different requirements for hot water, so you’ll have to consider several factors before deciding. A good plumber should help you decide between the different types of hot water systems and find out which one is best suited to fulfill your needs. Some of the main factors that will influence your choice are:

1. Size

Factors like family size and the number of bedrooms can help you determine the right size for your hot water system. For example, larger households would need storage tanks with a larger capacity. At the same time, homes with fewer occupants may only require an instantaneous system since nobody will be wasting time waiting for hot water.

2. Budget

The type of water heater you choose will depend on the availability of funds and how much you’re willing to spend. Some units come with extremely high initial costs. You may need to compromise by selecting a system that still meets most requirements but falls within your budget.

3. Efficiency

To keep your operating costs low, select a more efficient system than others. For example, SHW systems have been proven to be eight times more efficient than instantaneous electric systems. This is because they rely entirely on free solar energy when the sun is out, instead of paying for expensive non-renewable sources like gas or electricity.

4. Safety

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. The best hot water system is one that does the job while staying out of danger. A plumber can help you determine the best possible solution for your home based on its layout and other factors.

5. Age of Current System

If you have an old system that needs repairs often, it may be better to replace it with a new one rather than continue repairing or servicing the same unit.

Advantages of using a specialized Hot Water System plumber in Melbourne

  • He will be able to inform you of the various types of systems available and which option would be most suitable for your household.
  • He will consider the size of your gas pipes and gas pressure to determine if a gas option will be able to function to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • He will be able to source and purchase the hot water system at trade prices which will enable him to pass on the savings in cost to you.
  • The job will be done with the minimal delay and all work will be fully guaranteed.

Hot water systems in Melbourne require service and maintenance to avoid breakdowns and plumbing emergencies. “Melbourne 24 Hour Plumbing” offers 24-hour plumbing hot water system service and all work is guaranteed. They offer competitive prices for some of the most popular services, including blocked drains, blocked toilets, leaking taps, burst pipes, Gas plumbing, etc. Call them on 1300 931 384 for better services.


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