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Hot Water Systems in Melbourne

A domestic hot water system is ideal for delivering hot water to facilities and fixtures used by people such as the shower, sink, tub, and other appliances where hot water is needed. These systems work by heating the water and then circulating it through a series of pipes. The warm, heated water is then distributed for use to your household needs. These systems are very crucial and need to be constantly maintained since they can malfunction causing inconveniences that can affect your comfort and safety. In this article, you will learn all you need to know about the different types of hot water systems and how they work.

Types of hot water systems

  1. Solar-Powered water heater

This is one of the best types of hot water systems for your home. You simply must have a working solar power unit and then connect the percolators that feed the system with the hot water system. It needs to be installed by a professional and requires minimal maintenance. The working principle of this system is that water flows from the solar panel to the percolator, from where it is fed to the hot water system. The water gets heated up and then distributed for consumption.

If you need a hot water system in Melbourne, this system is the one to choose from since a lot of sunshine is available in this region. The solar power unit can also be used in powering other appliances in your home. However, you still need a backup since sunshine is not guaranteed throughout the year and you may experience zero sunlight at certain times of the year. This can cause the system to fail. This is when the backup comes in handy.

  1. Tankless water heater

Just as the name suggests, this system does not have a tank where the water is stored. Instead, water is heated up near the faucet, and then the percolator distributes fresh hot water wherever you need it. These systems are among the most efficient since they can heat large amounts of water in a very short time. This is perfect for large households with many occupants.

  1. Point of use water heater

These are small heaters that are installed near the hot water faucet where the water is heated up. The heat cannot cope with a large amount of water at any one time, so the hot water output is limited. This means that the temperature will not be as high as in a tankless system. However, they are great backups when the solar-powered heaters do not work due to lack of sunlight. This system is cheaper compared to the tankless one since it requires less installation and maintenance. Many people who use this hot water system in Melbourne will generally only install them for an individual faucet that cannot be connected to a general hot water system.

  1. Condensing water heater

This is another energy-efficient system that requires no backup since it works by extracting heat from exhaust gas expelled via the flu and storing it. The system then uses this heat from the gas to pre-heat the water in your boiler. Condensing water heater features a storage tank. However, unlike the tankless system, this one has a built-in thermostat that can adjust the temperature to suit your needs. This way, the heat is distributed steadily, and you will not experience sudden fluctuations in temperature. This system is ideal if you need large amounts of hot water in one go.

  1. Heat Pump water heater

This system is also known as a hybrid electric heater and can save you a significant figure on your electricity bill. The working mechanism of the heat pump is to use the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures. Since the temperature of your house is different from that of outdoors, the system uses this difference to provide you with hot water on demand. Therefore, this principle negates the dependence on electricity unlike other types of hot water systems in Melbourne. The heat pump system is perfect if you need a large amount of water since it can heat huge amounts at one time.

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