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A Few Facts to Consider When Purchasing a Hot Water System Melbourne

Hot water is a necessity in every Australian household.  Most hot water is used in showering or bathing, but it is also used in the kitchen and laundry.  Buying the correct hot water system Melbourne for your household means that you will always have an adequate supply for your everyday usage and thus avoid the frustration that occurs when the hot water runs out.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Hot Water system Melbourne

When buying a hot water system Melbourne, it is important that you choose one that fits your needs.  Do not focus solely on the purchase price – also consider how much it will cost to run over its total lifetime.  It is always advisable to look for an energy efficient hot water system Melbourne.  Also look at things such as how easy the system will be to install, how easy it is to run and maintain, and what kind of warranty is offered.

It is a good idea to ensure that the hot water system Melbourne is located as close as possible to all of the major areas in the home that use hot water – the bathroom, the kitchen and the laundry.  If you cannot find a suitable central location, then install as closely to the kitchen as possible.  This will help to minimize the lengths of pipe, keeping the cost of installation lower and preventing heat loss from the pipes.  It will also help to reduce the amount of time that you must wait for hot water to come through from the taps, minimizing water wastage.  Finally, make sure that the hot water system Melbourne is sheltered to prevent heat loss from the tank itself.

 Types of Hot Water System Melbourne

The two main types of hot water system Melbourne that are available are storage water heaters and continuous flow (or instantaneous) hot water systems Melbourne.  Both systems are suitable for the average household.  Storage water heaters heat the water, which is then stored in an insulated tank for use throughout the day.  They are most economical when run on solar energy, natural gas, or off-peak electricity.  However, you can also run them on LPG, peak electricity and solid fuels.  If you have a mains pressure system, the hot water will come through at the same pressure as the cold water does, meaning that more than one hot water tap can be turned on at the same time without any loss of pressure.  Constant pressure systems deliver the hot water at a lower pressure than mains pressure systems and are normally located in the roof space of a home.  The amount of pressure depends on the vertical height between the tank and the point of use.

Continuous flow or instantaneous hot water systems Melbourne heat the water, as it required, removing the necessity for a storage tank.  This also means that it is impossible to run out of hot water.  Because they are significantly smaller than storage water heaters, they can be installed internally or externally on a wall or in a cupboard.  These heaters are connected to the mains water supply and deliver heated water at a slightly reduced pressure than cold water.  Adequate amounts of hot water can be delivered to one or two points within the home at one time and some units have electronic controls to deliver precise temperature controlled water.  However, it is vital that the hot water system Melbourne is correctly sized according to how it will be used.  Continuous flow heaters operate the most economically on natural gas, but they can also use LPG or general tariff electricity.

Melbourne 24 hour plumbing is your local Plumber Melbourne with the expertise and knowledge to maintain or install a new hot water system Melbourne. They can advise you on the best type and most suitable size hot water system Melbourne which will be suitable for your particular needs.

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