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Clearing Your Blocked Drain

We are all very reliant on the water systems in our homes running smoothly. When things are going well, its human nature not to worry about it. One of the most annoying things to break in your water system is a blocked drain. This stops you from using the water system altogether. Read this article on how to clear a blocked drain

Tips on How to Clear a Blocked Drain

To clear a blocked drain, plungers work very well if you use them in the correct manner. A plunger should be the first tool you use when a blockage happens. When you are trying to unblock a bathtub or bathroom sink drain, you’ll most likely get the best results if you remove the stopper mechanism from the drain inlet. To do this, locate the control rod attached to the drainpipe below the sink. You will need to carefully remove the rod – it’s usually secured by spring clip. The rod intersects your stopper stem like a thread through a needle. You will need to pull the stopper all the way out to free the stopper stem. Once completed, you can now pull the stopper unit up and out of the sink.

Place a tub or a bucket under your sink trap before you pull the rod out. Expect a flow of dirty water escaping the rod hole when you pull it out.

 Steps to Clearing a Clogged Drain

The first thing to do is pull the stopper out of the sink. You will probably find a lovely ball of hair and soap goop clinging to the stopper rod. Usually, a good de-gooping will solve the drainage problem. After you have cleared the rod, drop the stopper unit back into the drain opening. Replace the control rod, making sure that it’s “threaded” correctly back into the slot in the stopper stem by checking that the stopper lifts and drops as it should. Lastly, secure the rod with its nut and clip.

The drain stopper on your bathtub is most likely attached to the lever on the overflow outlet. You can typically access the drain stopper by removing the overflow cover with a small screwdriver. You can then pull up the drain stopper to remove the lever and the tub stopper.

If the drain is still sluggish, try the following: grab your plunger and a wet washrag. Fill the sink, or bathtub about two inches deep with water. Hold the rag tightly against the overflow holes and plunge down hard two to four times. Make sure the head of the plunger is right up against the surface so that you get a good vacuum when you plunge. If you’re lucky, that will do the trick fairly easily, and water will flow readily down the drain. If plunging doesn’t work, it may be time to call in a professional plumber.

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