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How To Clear A Blocked Drain Melbourne

Almost all homes develop blocked drains Melbourne at one point or another. There are usually many reasons why this occurs and some good examples include tree roots, food, grease, inappropriate stuff flushed into the toilet, hair blockages and many more. In some instances, a blocked drain Melbourne may be easily resolved by a homeowner while in other instances, services provided by professional plumbers may be necessary. Below are some measures you can take before calling your preferred plumber Melbourne.

Step 1:

Cover the overflow opening of your tub or basin using a wet cloth. If your home has two bathrooms connected to a single drain, block the overflow vent and the drain of one of one of the bathrooms. This should be done to increase the effectiveness of the plunger.

Step 2:

Fill the blocked basin with water until it covers the plunger. To create a better seal, coat the plunger’s tip with some petroleum jelly. Slide the cup of the plunger over the opening of the blocked drain and then quickly pump the plunger in an upward and downward motion. As you do so, you will notice water moving inside and out of the drain. This pressure builds up over a short period of time and eventually dislodges the item blocking the drain. After a couple of strikes, jerk the plunger up rapidly. If this does not clear up the blocked drain, try the procedure two more times prior to trying out another method.

Step 3:

If the plunger fails to unblock the drain, a chemical drain opener is something you might want to consider using. However, if you are dealing with a drain that is completely blocked, then use of chemicals is not recommended since they contain agents that are likely to harm certain fixtures. In such situations, a drain-and-trap auger works best. To make good use of it, remove the strainer from the blocked drain then insert the auger wire through the opening. As you feed the wire in, crank the device, loosen and then tighten thumbscrew that appears on handle while you advance the wire. Should the wire encounter something, make back and forth movements with the auger as you turn its handle. Proceed by turning its handle as you slowly withdraw the auger.

The methods outlined above should unblock your blocked drain. However, if the plunger and the auger are not able to clear your blocked drain Melbourne, consider calling a plumbing expert

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