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Blocked Drain Melbourne – Some Precautionary Advice When Having Guests Staying with You

There are many things that can go wrong in your home. But one of the most annoying things to go wrong is an issue with drainage system. Its important that you know what is going on with your drainage system to avoid a blocked drain Melbourne. Read the article below for some basic plumbing tips to avoid a blocked drain Melbourne.

Bathroom Plumbing Tips to prevent a Blocked Drain Melbourne

  1. Having guests visiting for the holidays leads to increases in toilet use, so be sure to tell your guests not to put sanitary products, napkins, or baby wipes in the toilet. Not everyone knows that these items belong in the trash and not in the toilet!
  2. Ask your guests to use all the toilets in the house to reduce the load on a single toilet and decrease the chance of it getting backed up.
  3. Make sure there are no items on top of the toilet tank lid and remove any items you may have hanging near or over the toilet bowl. Guests are not used to the way things are positioned in your home and they may accidentally knock an object into the toilet!
  4. In case of a blockage in your toilet, do not keep flushing: use a plunger to try and dislodge the blocked drain Melbourne.
  5. If your toilet keeps running on, check the position of the flapper inside the tank. It must fit over the hole in the base of the tank, if it’s not fitting properly, use the shut off valve, which is normally located under the tank.
  6. Place hair traps in all showers and tub drains, as you will have extra guests taking showers and that will add to the amount of hair going down the drain.

Kitchen Plumbing Tips to Prevent a Blocked Drain Melbourne

  1. A lot of cooking will be happening in your kitchen during the holidays. Make sure that whoever is helping you in the kitchen knows what should go in the trash, what can go in the bio container and what ought to go in the garbage disposal (if you have one).
  2. Avoid putting pasta, rice, coffee grounds, bones, potato skins, egg shells, lettuce or any large amounts of food down the garbage disposal.  Remember to run cold water when using it.
  3. Be sure tonever pour that turkey grease or ham fat down the drain and if you don’t have a garbage disposal make sure you have a strainer in your sinks.
  4. If your kitchen sink (or any sinks!) gets blocked use vinegar and baking soda solution to help unclog your blocked drain Melbourne.
  5. For dishwashers, make sure you’re removing the food scraps from the dishes and cutlery and rinsing them in the sink so that the debris doesn’t block the dishwasher water line.

What to Do if you Have a Blocked Drain Melbourne

If you follow the above advice it should help to keep your drainage system in good running order.

If a blocked drain Melbourne should happen don’t panic!  Have a good look down the drain and if possible, you may be able to remove the cause. If you have a plunger give it a try failing which you could purchase a drain cleaning product from the supermarket or your local hardware store.

If all the above fails it’s time to call your local Melbourne 24 hour plumbing. They have the equipment knowledge and spares to sort your problem out quickly and safely.

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