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A Review on Blocked Toilets in Melbourne

Blockages of a toilet can take place any day or time. The best company to call for all blocked toilets in Melbourne is Melbourne 24 Hour Plumbing. The main signs which illustrate that there is a blockage in a toilet involve rising levels or slow drainage of water which occurs immediately after the flushing process. The blockage of toilets is associated with some negative effects. 

These effects include:

  • Health deterioration
  • Unpleasant odour
  • Home structural damages
  • Pests and mold proliferation
  • Slow overall drainage
  • Contamination of water
  • Leakages

Before you call a plumber, try these methods.


Using a Plunger is one of the most effective methods that you can try to use to unblock a clogged toilet. This simple method generally manages to clear waste and other matter in pipes with ease. Make sure you use a toilet plunger which is a different shape from other plungers. Push the plunger up and down several times making sure that the bottom rubber section is covered with water. 

Usage of Hot Water 

A toilet that is partially clogged is likely to clear when one pours hot water into the bowel. The pressure which the hot water creates forces the clog down the drain. Additionally, the hot water will aid in dissolving any grease and fats which is likely to have formed on the drain walls over time. 

The use of high pressure water 

The use of water jetters is a very effective way of cleaning your drains. This is usually done by professional plumbers as the knowledge required to operate the equipment is vital to a successful job being completed. The equipment is also expensive so it would not make sense for a householder to keep a water jetting machine in their garage. 

Items You Should Not Flush Down the Toilets

There are some products that people should make sure they never try to flush down their toilets. When you avoid those items, your toilet will always flush smoothly. 

These items include:

Cotton Pads and Products

Cotton pads, and cotton balls are soft and absorb water and should not be placed in the toilet bowl. When flushed, they do not break down rather they pile together and get stuck in the pipes. Failing to obey this rule will result in various kinds of problems with your pipes.

Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are useful. Some products have written on the packaging that they are flushable. This is generally not the case. They can lead to the formation of clogs in the drainage and thus it is better to consider throwing them into a wastebasket. Most wipes will not disintegrate like in the case of toilet paper so take care to avoid them being thrown into the toilet bowl.


It is so hard for condoms to break down while placed in water. This implies that when you flush condoms, it will result in clogs in your drainage system. 


The role of diapers is to help in the water absorption process. This implies that they will not break down when placed in water. As a result, the system will encounter different kinds of damages. People should make sure disposal of diapers takes place in a pail.

Menstrual Products

Like diapers, menstrual products absorb water. The same situation therefore applies, and care should be taken where you dispose of them.


It is time for you to take care of your toilets and prevent blockages by following a few simple rules as listed above. 

In the case, where the blockage requires the services of an experienced qualified plumber, make sure you call Melbourne 24 Hour Plumbing. They can maintain your toilets using their sophisticated drain camera and drain cleaning equipment. Contact them on 1300 931 384 anytime day or night to have your blocked toilet problems fixed.


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