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Plumbing plays an essential role in any house. It is, therefore, vital to ensure that you get the best plumbing installation and maintenance services. When in need of a local plumber in Melbourne, Melbourne 24 Hour Plumbing is the company to call. We offer quality and reliable plumbing services that are also economical. We do both repair and installation of a new plumbing system.

What a plumber in Melbourne does

A plumber can diagnose plumbing issues and fix them to the highest standard. This professional can also provide you with advice on plumbing related issues. We have qualified and experienced plumbers. Our plumbers have been in the industry for a while and therefore gained the experience required to do a great job. They value the need for a decent job done and therefore do it to their perfection. They are also equipped with the latest tools that help in doing their job quickly and properly.


We offer a variety of services, including but not limited to, the following:

Unblocking blocked drains

Blocked drains can cause a lot of discomfort at home or in your work area. Sometimes, a handyman cannot fix blocked drains. They may make it worse than it already is. This may cause an increase in the repair cost. A blocked drain, therefore, requires a trained and experienced plumber to rectify it. Our team can also unblock blocked sewers and leave them working as they should. A blocked drain or sewer is a person’s worst nightmare if it is not handled as soon as possible. It can cause lots of discomfort and complications to your entire plumbing system.

Plumbing installation

If you are constructing a new bathroom, kitchen, or installing a dishwasher, you need a plumber to connect the pipes. A local plumber in Melbourne can install mixer taps, fridge water line installations, and new shower head installations, among many other things. We can examine your requirements and existing setup and then utilize the proper tools, equipment, and pipes to connect everything and ensure it runs smoothly without leaks.

Repairing burst pipes

Burst pipes are a common problem in Melbourne, especially during the winter. Burst pipes can be a huge nuisance to a person. Leaking water from the pipes can cause damage to your furniture, walls, or even the ceiling. It may also lead to a shortage of water in the house. We at Melbourne 24 Hour Plumbing have the know-how and experience to fix a burst pipe. Our plumbers will assess the damage and come up with the best solution.

Fixing leaking taps

Leaking pipes are a normal occurrence in our daily life. Most mixer taps leak at the handle due to wear and tear. They make water drip in areas that are not meant to get wet such as the cabinets, walls, or the bathroom and kitchen walls. This results in mold growth, which can ruin building materials and cause health issues to your family. Leaking taps will also cause your water bill to rise slowly. Therefore, it is best to fix them as soon as you notice the leakage. We have plumbers who are available at any time of the day to fix your tap. The plumbers will decide whether to replace or repair the tap depending on the damage. They are quick and reliable.

Drain inspections

Drain cameras are used to locate problems or survey your drainage system. We use the latest technology in our drainage system that provides you with detailed insight into your drainage system. We can supply you with a DVD of every inch of your drainage system. Our drainage cameras can also locate any precious small item such as rings that may get lost in the drainage. Our local plumber in Melbourne has the experience and knowledge on how to use the equipment.

Gas plumbing

This involves the installation and repair of gas pipes. Damaged gas pipes are hazardous to one’s health. It is not easy to detect a gas leak. They can lead to expensive and irreversible damages if left unchecked. Our plumbers can easily detect when you have a gas leak. They will thereafter decide on the best way to repair the problem. Our plumbers will perform the task in a manner that is both safe and secure.

Hot water system installation and service

Hot water is vital in each household. We offer hot water system installation and repair services. We also offer advice on the best hot water system to use. When buying a hot water system, it is vital to consider the size, energy, and cost. Also, consider the size of your family. We can install a hot water system that will last and is of great quality. Whenever you experience a problem with your system, call us, and we will avail ourselves as soon as possible to take care of the problem.

We are available for all your plumbing needs. Reach us at any time of the day through 1300 931 384 to service and maintain your plumbing related issues. We are readily available and willing to help you out. We are a leading local plumber in Melbourne.




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