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Tree Roots Can be the Cause of The Blockages in Your Blocked Drain Melbourne

Tree roots are the most common cause of drain blockages. Tree roots are attracted to condensation that forms on the outside of sewer and stormwater pipes. This usually happens in the hotter months of summer when there is less water available for thirsty tree roots. It’s normal to expect tree roots to break through into sewer and stormwater pipes. The roots that get into the pipes will catch all sorts of debris and cause a blocked drain Melbourne.

Blocked Drain Melbourne – Tree Roots Are a Serious Problem

Tree roots are usually worse for drainpipes than a typical blockage. The problem that arises is even when roots are cleared from the blocked drain Melbourne, the damage or crack remains in the pipe. The water that leaks out of the drain will attract more tree roots which may then enter the drain and cause a blocked drain Melbourne again.

Blocked Drain Melbourne –Drain Camera Inspection

Tree roots that penetrate drain pipes often create a ‘lip’ that serves to catch material flushed down the drain. This makes it easier for the drain to become blocked. The only permanent and recommended solution for drains that continually become blocked by roots is a drain camera Melbourne inspection. A drain camera identifies the problem section of pipe. After the problem area is identified, you will need to excavate and replace the damaged pipe to prevent a further blocked drain Melbourne from developing.

Blocked Drain Melbourne – The Use of PVC Pipes

There are a few steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of a blocked drain

Melbourne been caused by tree roots. For all new and replacement drain installations, we recommend PVC pipes as it is the best below ground pipe material to stop tree roots. When properly installed, there is a much-reduced chance of root penetration. PVC pipes are also less likely to collapse with ground subsidence, and usually come with a manufacturer’s guarantee for 50 years.

Blocked Drain Melbourne – Seek Advice on What Trees to Plant

When it comes to tree roots, it can be difficult to prevent problems from the roots of trees that have already been there. Having said this, after clearing a blocked drain Melbourne your plumber can usually identify how far down the line the blockage occurred where tree roots caused the blockage and which tree, or trees are likely to be the cause.

We often recommend that new trees should not be planted near your drain lines. If you are not sure exactly where your drains run, ask your plumber Melbourne. Before planting new trees, it is also worth doing some research into which tree species will be best for your garden and your drain pipes. Before you know it, a small plant can very quickly become a big tree with an extensive root system that may cause a blocked drain Melbourne. Later removal can be very costly, and in a lot of cases may be restricted by your local council.

Many local council websites list known problem tree species that tend to penetrate drains. It is worth having a look at this list! You might spend a little time now investigating what trees not to buy, but this will save you a lot of time and money in the future!


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