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Tips To Repair Your Hot Water System

There can be nothing worse than not having hot water in the shower or when you want to wash the dishes. But fortunately there are some things that you can easily do in your home to repair the faulty hot water system. All you need are few tools and the instruction manual that comes with the hot water system. That’s all, you are now set to repair of fix the issues in your home without any professional help. Even though you might need to replace a faulty part, but you will save on the labor time and money. Interestingly, you will also find that repairing a hot water system is an easy task where you just need to follow the step by step methods.

The thermostat needs to be checked- this is the first step when you are trying to fix a faulty water heater. You need to check the thermostat to see if the water temperature doesn’t seem to be hot. To conduct the test, just bring out a multimeter and also a screw driver. Since electricity is needed to work the thermostat, you must disconnect the power supply before conducting the test.

Use resistance scale on multimeter- if you have never used the multimeter before, set it to maximum. The next thing you need to do is locate the two wires that connect the thermostat. After you have located the wires you need to disconnect these. Now, connect your multimeter to the two parallels.

Check the multimeter for infinite resistance if it is working properly. If you notice that current is flowing through it and still the resistance is zero or below it, replace the thermostat.

Checking the element- you need to check the element that is present inside the water heater. If the element is faulty it will not work at all. But if the thermostat is working fine you need to check the connections that connect the element. Simply try out the same method as you did with the resistance scale for thermostat.

Check the valves- usually there are two types of valves which control flow of water. If the fault in the hot water system is due to leakage or fault in the valves, you will notice that water is not flowing properly through the system. For leakage you can use some waterproof adhesive to seal it and your problem will be solved. You can also use a thread seal tape to stop leakage. There can also be issues with the valve springs. These can be sticking or faulty and you might not have noticed it earlier. The best thing to do is check each of these valves separately to find the fault. If either of these valves is faulty the water won’t flow smoothly and you will know the fault. The pipes that joint these two valves might also leak. You can use sealed tape to stop the leakage.

Replacing faulty valves is another option. This is not at all difficult. Simply go through the instruction manual that comes with the hot water system and replace the valves. But make sure you dry out the tank before replacing it.

With these easy tips you can repair some faults in your water heater without any professional help. This will save your time and money both.


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