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Symptoms, Causes and Fixing a Burst Pipe Melbourne

One of the biggest plumbing problems which a family or business in Melbourne can face is a Burst Pipe Melbourne. While a burst pipe which is exposed is easily detected, since the leaking water will flood the surrounding area, it is far more difficult to difficult to detect a burst pipe which is concealed or underground. Repairing a concealed pipe is also more difficult, expensive and time consuming since the material which is used to cover the pipe has to be removed. The amount of water leaking can vary depending on the size of the pipe which has burst and the damage will be severe if a large pipe has burst.

Causes of a Burst-Pipe Melbourne

There are many causes for a Burst-Pipe Melbourne and the likelihood that a pipe will burst will depend on a number of factors like the material of the pipe. A pipe made from plastic, cement or asbestos is more likely to burst compared to a pipe made from metals like copper or stainless steel. In some cases, the pipe has been used for many decades, hence due to wear and tear, the pipe may burst. In other cases, there may be an accident with a vehicle or some other heavy object hitting the pipe, damaging it and resulting in the leakage of water. Occasionally adverse weather conditions like heavy rainfall can cause landslides or calamities like earthquakes may damage the pipe.

Symptoms of a Burst-Pipe Melbourne

Increasingly homes and buildings are having concealed plumbing and it is difficult to detect that a pipe has burst. Hence property owners and tenants should not ignore any symptoms, which could indicate a Burst-Pipe Melbourne since the leaking water can damage the entire building. One of the best indicators of a burst pipe is when the pressure of the water, especially hot water decreases suddenly. The leaking water from the pipe which has burst will often accumulate on the floor or other surface, creating a puddle. In other cases, the leaking water may get drained away, however, the water bill will increase drastically, and should this happen it is advisable to investigate for leakages. 

Repairing a Burst-Pipe Melbourne

Since water is essential for daily life, it is important to get a Burst-Pipe Melbourne repaired at the earliest. It is advisable to hire the services of a reliable plumber like Melbourne 24 hour plumbing, who will fix any plumbing problem, all 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week. The skilled and well trained plumbers will easily detect the burst pipe, even if it is underground or concealed behind a wall using the latest leak detection equipment available. Depending on the extent of the damage, the plumber may decide to either repair the pipe or replace it. The plumber will take measures to prevent pipe bursts in future and may also suggest re-routing the pipe. Hence to save money and reduce your utility bill, it is advisable to contact Melbourne 24 Hour plumbing at the earliest.



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