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Solve Plumbing Issues by Using a Drain Camera in Melbourne

What is a drain camera?

A drain camera is a small camera that is a specially designed optical inspection tool for hard to reach areas and cavities. It is used mainly for the inspection of pipes laid in the ground to detect blockages or leakages. The drain camera consists of a camera mounted on a push cable. This allows it to be inserted and pushed inside the pipes. The experts at Melbourne 24-hour Plumbing have drain cameras that can meet your needs. We are available at any time you need your plumbing line inspected.

Most drain problems occur due to clogging and the drain getting blocked. The pipes may be in hard to reach areas. This causes a problem in locating where the blockage has occurred. Melbourne 24-hour Plumbing uses the latest and the best CCTV technology to help you locate the problem in your drain. We offer drain cameras that are waterproof and durable to survey where the pipes have a problem. The drain camera can record every inch of your drain and supply a DVD of the recording.

The drain camera contains a screen that allows you to view the interior of the drain. This allows one to locate where the pipes have clogged and blocked easily. This helps one save money and time. It is cost-effective as one does not have to undo the entire drainage system to locate the problem.

Our plumbers are experienced and know how to operate a drain camera effectively

We have qualified and experienced personnel who know how to operate drain cameras in Melbourne. Our plumbers are well trained on how to use the drain camera. They are thus able to work perfectly with it and fast while doing a good job. Our plumbers can find the problem in the drain and repair it as soon as possible. Our team carries the drain equipment wherever they go. 

Therefore, they are readily available at any time you need them. Since we have expertise in using the drain camera, our plumbers will take the least amount of time in fixing your drain problem. We have various types of drain cameras ranging from the crawler system, pan, and tilt camera system to a ridgid drain inspection camera system.

Using a drain camera avoids having to dig or destroy walls in your property

Since the drain camera is remotely controlled, any risks occurring during the inspection of pipes is greatly reduced. The drain camera helps reduce expenses that would otherwise be experienced in digging up the pipes. Drain cameras can also be used to locate valuables lost in the drain. Some valuables such as rings are small and can fit through the drain. They are therefore easily lost in the drain. Finding them can be a difficult task. A drain camera allows one to locate where they are in the drainage system. This greatly aids the location and recovery of such items.

When moving into a new house, it is essential to conduct a full and detailed inspection. This makes sure that you can locate any problems and defects as early as possible. A drain camera comes in handy during such inspections. It allows one to access the nature of the drainage condition and conclude whether you will need to repair or replace any pipes. The drain camera can locate leakages in pipes. Since it is waterproof, it may be used to determine where the pipe is leaking. This helps in assessing whether the pipe will be replaced or repaired. It also helps determine the best repair tools to use. Sometimes, the pressure of water in pipes may reduce. A drain camera in Melbourne is used to find the cause of this reduction in pressure and how to correct it.

Melbourne 24 Hour plumbing your local drain camera specialist

For all your plumbing problems, give Melbourne 24 Hour Plumbing a call. We are available at any time that you require us. Our team is ready and willing to give you the best service. We are dedicated to our work and value the need for a good drainage system. We also offer other services such as repairs of hot water systems, leaking taps, burst pipes, gas plumbing, blocked drains, and sewer jetting.

Give Melbourne 24 Hour Plumbing a call on 1300 931 384 when you need to maintain and service your drainpipes using our advanced drain camera equipment. We have a qualified team that knows and understands how it works. Our team is experienced in both domestic and commercial plumbing work. We can solve several problems, including leaking taps, malfunctioning hot water systems, burst pipes and gas leaks, among others. Our services are affordable and reliable.



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