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Reasons Why you Should Hire a Professional Gas Plumber for All your Gas Plumbing Needs

Unlike other plumbing tasks, gas plumbing is an extended service package established plumbers provide. These plumbers don’t only undergo ordinary or general training like other plumbers. Professionals who offer gas plumbing services are normally trained in the gas industry, but they still undertake the three levels of basic training that general plumbers undergo. Due to safety concerns, the gas plumbing practice is usually regulated by law in most regions. Gas plumbers must therefore complete an apprenticeship and gain competency skills in an exam before being permitted to practice independently. Knowing that these professionals are not just normal plumbers, it is important to work with professional gas plumbers such as Melbourne 24 Hour Plumbing rather than the general plumbers when it comes to gas plumbing tasks.

Services offered by professional gas plumbers

Gas piping and repairs

Gas piping and repair are among the common services offered by gas plumbers. Professional gas plumbers are normally trained to install, maintain, replace, and repair gas piping. You can work with a gas line plumber if you want to install gas lines on your new property. When installing gas lines, gas plumbers normally connect you to the main gas supply pipe after laying down all the gas supply pipes. These professionals are also capable of retrofitting your old property with new gas pipes. This is especially the case if your home did not have gas supply pipes before, but you feel it is the time to complement your electrical energy with propane or natural gas, which is more cost-efficient. Once you hire our services to repair your gas piping, we shall start by diagnosing the problem and fixing them fast and effectively. We fix various kinds of repairs, including gas supply problems, appliance leaks, and line leaks.

Detection of gas leaks and repairs

Even though gas leaks are categorized under gas repair services, most gas plumbers provide this service as a separate package due to its sensitive nature. Unlike other gas plumbing issues, leaks are quite risky because they can lead to gas explosions. It is advisable to contact us immediately if you detect or suspect a gas leak in your residential or commercial property. We shall look at the signs of gas leaks later in the article. We normally use specialized tools to pinpoint a gas leak and then address the issue accordingly.

Inspection of gas lines and maintenance

At Melbourne 24 Hour Plumbing, we arrange with our clients to regularly inspect their commercial and residential gas supply systems. It is advisable to conduct these inspection runs annually, and it should be thoroughly done. This means the inspection should cover hot water systems, all gas fixtures, appliances, and the gas piping network.

When to contact a gas plumber who offers emergency gas plumbing services

As aforementioned, gas leaks can be very risky, and it is, therefore, necessary to get an emergency gas plumber if you detect a gas leak on your property. Here are some of the signs that you should look for:

  • The smell of rotten eggs- If gas is leaking on your property, the sulphur smell, like the smell of a rotten egg, is the first thing you will notice.
  • Hissing sound – This is the sound made by gas as it finds its way through a tiny opening. The hissing sound is a result of the gas that is under pressure.
  • Seeing a white haze close to your gas line- A puff of cloudy or dusty air near your gas line indicates that the gas is getting out of the line before it gets to the appliances.
  • Feeling ill or lightheaded- If there is a gas leak in your property, you or your loved ones could feel ill. Some of the symptoms you will notice include dizziness, nausea, flu-like symptoms, shortness of breath, and headache, among others.
  • A ringing sensation in your ears
  • Higher gas bills than what you have been used to paying

Why you should choose to work with us

As aforementioned, you should not go for any gas plumber when it comes to gas plumbing projects. At Melbourne 24 Hour Plumbing, we have all it takes to install, repair, replace, inspect, and maintain your gas piping system. We are also trained and qualified to perform all gas installations, repairs, and maintenance. Our equipment is also advanced. We are also licensed meaning that we have taken all the training successfully. We offer our services 24/7, meaning you will find us whenever you call. We know how dangerous gas leaks can be, and we shall take the shortest time possible to get to where you are. The other reason you should hire our services and not the services of other companies, is that we are highly skilled and knowledgeable. We also have a lot of experience, making it possible for us to quickly identify the issue with your gas piping and fix it effectively. Apart from gas piping, you can also contact us if you need general plumbing services.

You can reach us today at 1300 931 384 or visit our website at –  https://melbourne24hourplumbing.com.au/

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