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Points to Note When Dealing with a Leaking Tap in Melbourne

A leaky tap is a nuisance and can lead to a big plumbing problem if it is not taken care of immediately. The constant water leaking can cause you to encounter huge water bills and mold build-up if the problem is not attended to.

As a homeowner, you should not ignore a leaking tap in Melbourne, be it in the kitchen sink or bathroom, because if it is left for a long period without being repaired it can cause huge damage to your house and your wallet.

Repairing a leaky tap is not always a simple DIY job that you can perform on your own without some experience. It is important to look for a professional to handle the job for you to save time and get the job done efficiently and in a timely manner. At Melbourne 24 Hour Plumbing our staff is qualified to handle a leaking tap in Melbourne and we are equipped with the right tools to handle all plumbing jobs. Our vehicles have the tools necessary to carry out the job and we can fix your problem at any time.

Causes of a leaking tap in Melbourne

Finding the cause of a leaking tap can be frustrating. In most instances the average person will need to get an expert to handle the problem. Here are some problems that could be causing a leaking tap in Melbourne and what to do when you encounter such problems. When you call us, we can locate the problem and fix it immediately as we carry a vast range of spares and replacement taps in our vehicles.

1. Dirt in the cartridge

Several people may experience a leaky tap problem a few weeks after a new tap has been installed. This problem could happen because there might be a chip in the cartridge due to dirt in the water supply.

It is vital that before installing a new tap, to flush out the system to ensure that if there is any debris or dirt it does not get lodged in the cartridge causing damages leading to water leaks.

2. Corroded valve seat

The valve seat creates a tight water seal and is usually found under the tap valve. If you have an old tap which has started dripping, you may change the washer, but it is also important to check the condition of the valve seat.

A valve seat is an important part of the tap and can corrode and become worn out and rough with time, thus the need to check it out to ensure that it is working properly. When it starts to deteriorate, it creates an unsecured seal and therefore water escapes through the spaces causing leaks. If the valve seat is faulty it needs to be replaced with a new one to ensure a completely watertight seal.

3. Damaged or lose O-ring

If you have a leaky tap that leaks near the spout and handles, it could be due to a damaged or loose O-ring.

To replace the O-ring, you must remove the spout after loosening the grub screw that is usually located at the back of the tap. After releasing the spout, you can easily access the O-ring and remove the old worn-out O-ring replacing it with a new O-ring.

4. Worn out a washer

A leaking tap in Melbourne can be caused by a worn-out washer. The problem of a worn-out washer is very common because when turning on your tap the washer is compressed against the valve seat and this constant pressure causes the washer to wear out and dripping begins around the spout. This problem is handled by replacing the washer with a new one.

If you are constantly having problems with a leaking tap or have no time to fix the leak yourself, it is vital to look for a professional plumber to handle the problem for you.

At Melbourne 24 Hour Plumbing we can fix a leaking tap problem. We have qualified staff who can take care of all your plumbing issues. If you have problems with blocked drains, burst pipes, hot water systems, carbon monoxide checks, gas plumbing or you need an emergency plumber just call us. Our reliable staff can fix all your plumbing problems efficiently. Call us today on 1300 931 384 we are available 24/7.



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