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If your water pipe is frozen, start water running in the faucet closest to the frozen pipe. This will give excess water somewhere to drain as the ice in the pipe defrosts. By doing this, the pipe pressure is relieved, and this should stop it from bursting, which would prevent further damage to your home.

Ensure that a septic tank is checked every year, and make sure it is properly maintained. Emptying a septic tank prevents sediment from building up in the tank and causing a backup into your home or causing the failure of the septic system itself. There is obviously a cost to having a company pump out your septic tank. But, a serious backup can cost a lot more if it means replacing the tank.

You need to know your plumbing tools as well as how they are used so your plumbing efforts are always with return. Read every manual, and use the Internet and library to research the projects that you plan on doing in your home. Prior to attempting any repairs, be certain to plan ahead in order to avoid costly errors.

It’s a bad idea to make use of toilet tablets composed of bleach or in the colour blue, or in fact any one designed to remove odors. While they are good at removing odors, they have a badeffect on the parts of the toilet that are rubber. This can make it not function correctly and can cause further damage.

Check your floors for softness around toilets, so that you can see if there is any floor damage. To test this, sit reversed on the toilet (facing the tank) with your feet on the floor. Rock your weight onto each foot in turn and see if you can feel any weakness or “give” in the bathroom floor. Picking up on any problems now will definitely help to save you money later.

Make sure there is a strainer covering all drains in order to collect particles that would cause a blockage if they went down the drain. The strainer used in the kitchen will need to be cleaned often. Bathtubs should be equipped with strainers as well, and they too will need to be cleaned often.

Keep the drains in your bathtub working properly by pouring a cup’s worth of baking soda and then a cup of vinegar directly down your drain every month. Cover the drain up with a plug or old cloth, as there will be a chemical reaction in the pipes. After a few minutes, just flush the drain out with water that has reached a boiling point. This procedure will clear the hair and soap out of your pipes.


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