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Importance of Using a Gas Plumber Melbourne

There are many plumbing projects a homeowner can take as DIY project but that excludes anything pertaining to gas fitting and repairs. Gas plumbing is a complicated and dangerous job that should only be handled by a qualified plumber. If you need anything done on your gas system, don’t risk blowing up your home, just call the experts. A gas plumber can be defined as an expert that services and installs natural gas fixtures in both commercial and residential places. Apart from installations, they also repair, maintain and fit regulators, gas meters, burners and valves.


Some companies say that they offer plumbing and gas fitting services but be aware that gas plumbing service is a different career line with special training and qualification requirements. However, it’s possible to find some plumbers who can do gas fitting projects including repairs, maintenance, disconnections and installation.


A gas plumber may perform and assist on these tasks around your home:

1. Read and interpret construction drawings, specifications or plans

2. Identify, by measuring several things, where gas equipment should be located

3. Test functionality of the piping system used for gas appliances

4. Fix and install gas pipes and appliances that use gas and other related equipment

5. Provide homeowners with appropriate information about how to properly maintain and correctly use gas equipment

6. Schedule maintenance of the system as required

7. Install flues for gas appliances

8. Fit gas detection systems and install pressure regulators

9. Install LPG systems for mobile travelers using caravans or boats


When choosing gas plumbers ensure that they are appropriately licensed and qualified. Different types of licenses apply in different state – authorization notes, permits or certificates of competency. You can find more information on how to select a qualified gas plumber from building and construction associations in your area. Just like any other types of plumbers, a good gas plumber should have an emergency service that is available 24/7 because some problems happen at odd hours.

A part from installation and inspection, a professional plumber is the only expert you need to trust for any gas appliance project. Never attempt to install the equipment by yourself if you want to stay safe and protect your property and your family. The experts are the only ones with the right knowledge to fit appliances properly and ensure that the system is receiving appropriate ventilation, test the units and make adjustments as necessary. They also ensure that the entire system complies and meets the set safety and regulation standards.

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