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Hot Water System Installation in Melbourne

Many homes and businesses in Melbourne are fitted with hot water systems in the bathrooms and kitchens. It amounts to a big percentage of the amount of household energy used on any premises.

With the help of a qualified plumber, you can get an appropriate hot water system for your home or business and can benefit from their professional advice. There is a wide range to choose from for your hot water system in Melbourne including solar, gas and electric solutions.

Melbourne 24 Hour Plumbing is your best option when it comes to specialists who can install and repair your hot water system in Melbourne. We are sure to give you the best option for your business and home.

The Different Types of Hot Water Systems Available

  • Gas hot water systems
  • Electric hot water systems
  • Solar hot water systems
  • Heat pump hot water systems

Let us dive into more of what each of these systems has to offer:

Gas hot water systems

Gas hot water systems require a gas burner to heat the water delivered to your home’s baths, showers, basins or sinks. They are quite efficient and less costly compared to heating your water using electricity.

Gas burners come in small sizes, and they heat your water faster than other systems. These are the most common kinds of installations for new and upcoming homes in Melbourne. The system heats your water immediately after you turn your hot water tap on.

Electric hot water systems

Electric systems operate quite like gas systems, but these systems require an electric heating element installed in the water storage tank for water heating. The size will depend on your preference and also the number of people in your home.

An electrical hot water system in Melbourne is very available and quite affordable but not as energy efficient as other options because water only heats up when you turn on the hot water pipes. This may end up being very expensive because of the amount of energy needed.

Solar hot water systems

These ‘green’ systems are becoming more popular in Melbourne because they are considered environmentally friendly and more affordable. They use the free energy offered by the sun and you don’t have to pay for electricity or gas.

All you need is several solar panels installed on your roof’s premises. The downside to this is that they become invalid during those cold seasons with no sun in Melbourne. This means that you have to connect it to electricity or gas at such times.

Heat pump hot water systems

This kind of system uses electricity but in a more efficient manner. However, they are quite expensive to install and make a loud noise when functioning. The upside is that it can cut your electric bill by almost half.

This is because a heat pump hot water system conducts water from the atmosphere and uses it to heat the water, cutting electricity costs.

What a Plumber Considers Before Choosing the Right Hot Water System for You

The size of your premise

Before a professional plumber from our company, Melbourne 24 Hour Plumbing, they assess your home’s size and needs so that they can choose the most efficient and appropriate system for your home’s hot water needs.

With the wrong type of hot water system in Melbourne, you will undergo more costs in repair because it may keep on failing and you may have to deal with a lack of hot water now and then.

How do you intend to use the hot water?

Your plumber will also need to know your hot water needs for proper appropriation. You may be alone in your home but require a big amount of hot water for various uses. Also, the number of occupants will highly determine the system your plumber chooses.

The type of fuel

As we have mentioned there are several systems you can install all with different kinds of energy systems. You can use electricity, gas, or solar and there is even a propane option on the market.

A professional plumber will help you choose the most efficient type of energy source for you depending on the location of your premise. An electric system is more available, while solar and gas are cheaper. Solar on the other hand is quite unreliable when the sun fails to shine bright.

The available filtration and insulation systems

Though filtration hardly affects your water heating system, a plumber will advise you on the best way so that you can access hot water that is clean and free of sediments. Unfiltered water may however collect sediments that may corrode and affect the water heater’s functionality.

Insulation systems on the other hand affect the amount of energy your hot water system in Melbourne will use. A qualified plumber will advise you on the best insulation system that will help keep your water hot for longer.

Getting the right insulation option goes a long way in saving your home’s energy cost.

Professional Installation by Melbourne 24 Hour Plumbing

With over 35 years of experience, we are certified and licensed gas plumbers who can work on any type of hot water system in your home or commercial premises in Melbourne. We know how important these systems are to you and we offer installation and repair services.

The types of systems we handle include gas water heater systems, electric hot water systems and instant water heaters among others. We know many people don’t like having a cold shower! That is why we are here for you.

Contact us today on 1300 931 384 to know more about your hot water requirements. We offer you same-day service and go out of the way to bring you the most efficient and appropriate hot water system for your home and commercial premises.

Some of our other services also include the installation and repair of Gas plumbing systems, blocked toilets, leaking taps, blocked drains, and burst pipes among others.




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