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Drain Camera; The Best Way to Inspect Your Drain.

A home is only as good as its drain lines, ask any plumber! When it comes to inspecting your drain, gone are the days when plumbers used to do some guesswork digging up through your yard just to get to the problem, no matter how small.

Drain issues are normally not visible but with drain cameras, you can be assured of a visual that will give you an accurate diagnosis and let us not forget how fast, cost-effective, and non-invasive this is.

What is a drain camera?

This is a tiny waterproof camera attached at the end of a flexible rod that can maneuver through all forms of drains giving back full-color images of what your drain line looks like.

In today’s world of advancing technology, plumbers are using drain cameras to know exactly where the problem is, avoiding all the unnecessary mess which may even further the damage to your pipes. They can be used to inspect blocked pipes, toilets, baths and in many other instances.

Benefits of a Drain Camera


A camera inspection gives you the real-time condition of your drain pipes revealing any accumulating clogs, corrosion, or weaknesses your drain might have. Early detection of a problem matters.

It could also help in determining how urgent the problems are, if any, and whether you can wait or fix them immediately. Being in the know today can save you costly repairs tomorrow.

Accuracy in locating hidden leaks

While most times leaks are easy to spot, some may be a bit challenging to find, especially those in the ground or within walls. In such cases, a drain camera is a perfect way to look for them.

Before drain cameras, plumbers used to try several solutions, monitor the situation, and see if they worked. This was quite ineffective and the problem, if not found, would only get worse.

This camera not only helps a plumber locate such leaks faster but also helps in saving time that saves the damage from growing. The more the damage the more the cost of fixing it.


Just as we said earlier, a drain camera is non-invasive, making it safer than any other mode of inspection. You do not need to destroy any part of your home, be it the walls, floors, or foundation to determine the problem.

Digging will leave trenches lying open and this is not safe especially with children around and it can also cause unnecessary attention from those around you. The camera will only need a small entry point and with no mess, you will know your problem.

Cost effectiveness

A drain inspection using a drain camera can in the long run save you money. If done often as it should, problems will be located soon and fast avoiding serious repairs that may end up costing you a huge amount of money.

Moving into a new home

When you are planning on buying an old home, always have a qualified plumber inspect the drains for you. Most home inspectors do not conduct sewer inspections.

The cost of having a camera down the drain may end up saving you money other than having to do costly repairs soon after purchase. If any issues are found, you may choose not to settle or better yet, negotiate with the seller on the cost to repair the drains.

With Melbourne 24 hour plumbing, you will get the most cost-effective suggestions after our highly trained plumbers use state-of-the-art technology to inspect your drains. We display the camera findings on a screen for you and leave you a DVD copy.

Not only do we deal with blocked drains but also run other services that include: hot water system issues, leaking taps, leaking toilets, strong sewage smells, kitchen and bath issues and much more.

Our plumbers are trained in handling both domestic and commercial properties. We operate 24 hours 7 days a week and in case of any plumbing issues in Melbourne, call 1300 931 384 any time and we will be at your doorstep.



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