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Causes of a Leaking Tap and Reasons to Work with a Professional Plumber

Leaking taps are a common occurrence either in residential or commercial places. When your tap is leaking, it may mean high water bills or, worse, damage to the property. Some leaking tap issues, such as a loose tap, can be easily fixed without engaging the services of a plumber. However, there are serious issues such as damaged spouts that might require the services of a professional plumber. There are several causes of a leaking tap which we at Melbourne 24 Hour Plumbing can diagnose and provide appropriate solutions. Some of the common causes of a leaking tap include;

Malfunctioning O-rings

These sets of small rings are placed on the stem screw of the tap to keep its handle in place. In the case, where through use, the O-ring is worn out or has lost its elasticity, your faucet will start leaking. Therefore, you should replace this O-ring by buying another one from any hardware store. Note: fixing this issue is not that hard. However, if you cannot replace it, do not worry because Melbourne 24 Hour Plumbing is just a call away.

High water pressure

There are times of the day, especially during the night that water pressure may be high due to low usage. You may therefore find your tap leaking but only at specific times when water pressure is high. When the water pressure in your home is too high, it causes a problem in the pipes by not allowing water to flow effectively, causing the water to be backed up. When this water does not find an outlet, it starts dripping out of the taps. To resolve this, you should replace your tap with a stronger one or call us to fix this problem for you.

A broken washer

A washer in the tap rests against the valve seat to prevent your tap from leaking. However, constant use can result in wearing out due to friction. The washer may also have been improperly installed. Chances could also be that the wrong size was used, making your tap leak. To solve this, you should replace the old washer with a new one and then reassemble the tap properly by first ensuring the water supply is turned off.

Faulty valve seat.

This probably is the major cause of a tap leak as it connects the tap to the spout. However, due to the accumulation of dirt, the valve seat corrodes causing the tap to leak. Rusting due to chemicals in the water also causes tap leakage. To stop the tap from leaking you can replace the entire faucet. The other option is to replace the valve seat. A loose nut in the faucet is also another reason for leaking so make sure you have the right nut.

When to call Melbourne 24 Hour Plumbing

When you have a leaking tap you may not have the skills to fix it or even the time to undertake the exercise. If you wake up or realize that your tap is leaking in the middle of the night, there are high chances that you will not start thinking of DIY unless the task is simple. Some people who try DIY end up causing even more harm. At Melbourne 24 Hour Plumbing, our plumbers can establish the cause of your tap leak and fix it effectively and efficiently. We are also available 24/7 and thus able to handle even emergency tap leaks. Our vehicles are also equipped with necessary spare parts such as washers, O-rings, and valve seats ensuring that you don’t have to wait as we source for them. If it is an issue you cannot handle, your first step is to close the water source either at the gate valve below the tap or at the main gate valve. This will save you water loss as you contact us.

In case you want to spruce your house with modern taps we also offer such services. The trend nowadays is installing automatic taps to avoid water wastage or flooding if someone forgets to close them, especially where there are many users. This task requires experts to ensure seamless replacement and installation while avoiding unnecessary costs.

For tap leaks, we are a call away. You can contact us through 1300 931 384 or visit our website Melbourne 24 hour plumbing. You should also not hesitate to inquire about our other plumbing services such as repairing and installing hot water systems, fixing blocked drains, carbon dioxide testing, gas plumbing, and many more related plumbing issues.

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