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Causes of a Burst Pipe in Melbourne

Burst pipes are among the most common plumbing problems that most homeowners deal with from time to time. Water pipes in the supply lines of the home’s plumbing system can burst without any warnings, leading to major repairs that require the immediate attention of a professional plumber Melbourne. However, water pipes are specially designed to withstand a significant amount of pressure, thus resisting bursting completely. In most cases, burst pipes come as a result of a considerable level of physical damage. The following are the common causes of burst pipes Melbourne.

Blockages can cause a buildup of pressure causing pipes to burst

A clogged toilet or pump can significantly increase the level of pressure inside your plumbing network. Excessive force can sometimes cause the pipes to burst and release vast amounts of water into your home. Such tragedies are more likely to happen in buildings whose plumbing systems are poorly maintained. Therefore, it’s essential to address any plumbing issues as soon as possible before they become severe.

A Burst Pipe in Melbourne can be caused by frozen pipes

During winter, the freezing temperatures can sometimes subject the water to below 32F, making it freeze inside the pipes. The water expands during the process of changing from liquid to solid ice. The pressure of the water may also rise in the unfrozen parts of the affected pipes. Subsequently, extreme pressure and expansion will cause the pipes to explode in the long run. That is more likely to occur if the weather becomes freezing or your heating system fails.

A common cause of a burst pipe in Melbourne could be the result of incorrect pipe layering and pipework

Plumbing connections and pipe layering should be done by a professional plumber who is conversant with plumbing. If individuals do pipe layering without technical know-how, mistakes will occur and cause incorrect subjection of pressure on the water pipes. Extreme levels of pressure in the pipework can render the plumbing system structurally weak, which can lead to bursting of the pipes.

Decaying pipework can lead to a leaking pipe

Water pipes, whether plastic or metallic, are usually designed to last for a certain period depending on whether they’re regularly serviced and their exposure to various weather elements. Plastic pipes usually get brittle with time, while metallic pipes are prone to corrosion, which makes them rupture at the slightest pressure.

Excessive levels of water pressure can damage a pipe

Generally, water pipes are constructed to withstand a particular level of water pressure. That level of pressure is usually a technical requirement, and it’s labeled on every pipe. However, the limits of water pressure can be exceeded sometimes, especially when more volume of water is pumped via a pipe. That can occur in situations where narrow pipes are used to supply a lot of water, prompting the need for the application of more pressure on your water pump. Such extreme levels of water pressure can go beyond the structural ability of your pipes to withstand pressure, eventually leading to a sudden burst.

Tips on avoiding a burst pipe in your home 

  • Prevent temperatures from falling below 32F in any part of your property where water lines are situated.
  • If it’s freezing outside, you should always keep one or more faucets running slowly. Moving water in the plumbing system will prevent the water line from freezing.
  • Most often, the pipes located near a window or an outside wall are more prone to freezing, so ensure to direct some warm air to all the colder parts of your home.
  • Seal any leaks that let in cold air into the home where pipework is located because even tiny openings can allow cold air, leading to freezing pipes.
  • Always disconnect the hose from your outside faucets. If you leave the hose connected, water will not be able to drain out of the hose bib and can freeze and eventually break the device.

If you are contending with water leaks or a burst pipe in your home, you should contact Melbourne 24 Hour Plumbing. Our skilled plumbers have a great experience with re-piping services, pipe repairs, and other emergency plumbing services. We diagnose the problem pretty fast before creating any customized solution plans for our clients. We will gladly explain and answer all your questions about your pipework to assist you in making informed decisions about your home’s plumbing system and safety. Furthermore, we treat you with the respect you deserve by being courteous, getting the task done right as soon as possible, and being on time whenever you contact us.


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