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Causes of a Block Drain Melbourne

A clog normally happens in your home when the water drains slowly or if it doesn’t drain at all. Most homeowners usually resort to some chemical cleaners to help unclog the drains. Nevertheless, these chemicals don’t dislodge the severe clogs, and they eat away your sewer pipes, leading to major problems and more damage in the long run. To avoid clogs and blocked drains, you should schedule regular inspections with Melbourne 24 hour Plumbing to check and also maintain your plumbing lines. The following are the common causes of blocked drains in your home or commercial buildings.

Block Drain Melbourne: Mineral buildup

The minerals dissolved in water can accumulate and cause some insoluble masses that easily block your drainage system. One of the solutions is using water softeners for your home if your area has a hard water problem. If that’s not an option for you, then you will have to regularly clean and remove sediments and other build-ups. Mineral buildup clogs are usually hard to remove when formed, so always call your emergency plumber if your pipes and drains no longer appear to be flowing.

Block Drain Melbourne: Tree roots

The most common causes of drainage system issues are tree roots. The trees do not have to be near your sewer system for them to cause problems. Trees with incredibly deep roots which extend far beneath the ground can grow around your sewer pipes leading to excessive damage to your pipes when they crush or even poke the pipes. Tree roots sneak into the small openings of the plumbing system and then expand gradually, blocking the entire flow of your sewer line. If you realize that your pipes are draining slower than usual or not draining properly, you should schedule for an inspection. Melbourne 24 hour Plumbing will help you identify the underlying problems, and also assist you by repairing the damages caused by the roots invasion.

Block Drain Melbourne: Food waste

You should never allow food waste to go down your drain. Instead, you should set up a compost pit to get rid of any food waste. That’s particularly essential for waste like coffee grounds and tea leaves that do not break down. The other foods you should be careful about include oil or grease because they usually solidify in the plumbing system leading to clogs. You can absorb oils on paper towels and then throw them in the compost pile.

Block Drain Melbourne: Soaps

Most traditional bar soaps are usually made with fat or grease. The fats in these soaps can combine with the minerals in your water and leave a hard residue that stains your bath fittings and eventually clog your pipes. To prevent this, use soap-free washes in your home and then have all your plumbing system pressure cleaned to get rid of any traces of soap accumulation.

Block Drain Melbourne: Hair

Hair is usually the main cause of sewer and drain blockages because it can bind with oil and any other sticky components to form some clogs. The best method of dealing with hair blockages in your house is to prevent them from happening in the first place. Always ensure that all drains have installed guards that catch hair and also clear them regularly.

Block Drain Melbourne: Natural wear and tear

New plumbing systems can also get blocked or experience leaks from time to time, although older systems are usually at a higher risk. If your plumbing system was constructed before the modern sewer systems, then these old drainage systems can erode and also collapse with time. If you aren’t sure of the type and the state of your drainage system, it’s a good idea to have Melbourne 24 hour Plumbing carry out an inspection to prevent any damage to your property.


One of the best ways you can use to prevent blocked drains and frustrating clogs is by preventive maintenance. It’s the easiest method if you want to keep your home drainage system clean and clog-free. However, neglected plumbing systems are lined with many years of hair accumulation, rust, grease, and many other chemicals that lead to severe corrosion that can damage your pipes.  If your sewer system is broken or it’s not draining properly, you should schedule a plumbing inspection done by an experienced plumber from Melbourne 24 hour Plumbing as soon as possible.


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