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Blocked Drain Melbourne Quality Services

Every year thousands of Australian residents deal with Blocked Drain Melbourne, which in many cases lead to expensive repair jobs. The South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria is one particular area that experiences a high ratio of blocked drains issues. Tree roots are one of the major causes of damaged drains and with the area home to many mature homes and tress it’s no surprise of the incidents of blockages.

Melbourne, Australia is known as the garden state and for good reason. Driving through the eastern suburbs you will be struck by the greenery of the area. But with greenery comes tree roots, the biggest cause of Blocked Drain Melbourne. When discussing drain blockages with plumbers it’s important to know the different type of drains. In Australia, we have two standard types, sewer and storm water drains.

Sewer drains collect the waste water from your home’s toilets, kitchens and bathrooms and other areas of your house. Storm water drains catch the water that hits the roads, roofs, paths and most outdoor areas. Sewers have stricter set of guidelines in Victoria compared with storm water drains, which protects what can end up in sewers.

Blocked Drain Melbourne should only be done by professionals.

Here are the main reasons why you need to hire the services of a professional to deal with your Blocked Drain Melbourne:

  1. Quality Services

When the professional plumber is hired, he first evaluates the main problem and then gives the drain cleaning services in relation to the issues at hand. He checks the drain to see whether there are any hard materials forming inside the drain to cause the blockage. He then removes these substances to make the drain cleaning procedure easier. The plumber uses high tech tools to clean the drain.

  1. Use Of Chemicals And Equipment

The professionals you hire will use high quality chemicals to clean your drain thus ensuring that all the materials are completely removed. These chemicals should only be handled by professionals as they may be harmful. The professionals also use equipments like CCTV to see the inside of the sewer lines and jetting equipment to clean the drains. You can be sure that these methods will be very effective in cleaning your Blocked Drain Melbourne.

  1. Saves Your Money

Hiring a plumber for drain cleaning saves you money because you may decide to use the little cash you have to fix the problem yourself and end up failing. If you fail several times, it becomes a disaster because you will have used more money than you would have used to hire a plumber at the very first point.

There are companies that offer affordable drain cleaning services and great services at the same time thus saving you your money. For this reason, it is important to go through a plumber’s reviews before hiring them. Look for different plumbers and ask them for a fixed price that they charge for cleaning a blocked drain. Compare the charges and choose the one that you will be able to afford.

  1. Saves Your Time

Hiring a plumber will save you time, especially if you have a busy schedule. Most people take a lot of time to fix a problem but a plumber will use a very short time to fix the same problem because of their experience.

  1. Protection From Toxins

The waste water in the sewer lines contains harmful toxins that cause diseases. Professional plumbers know how to protect themselves from these toxins while working. Hiring a professional protect you from these harmful toxins.

The most common cause of drain becoming clogged are from large objects being flushed. Drains are not designed to cope with large object including:

  • Sanitary Products
  • Baby Wipes
  • Toilet Deodorant block holders

Other causes of blockages are Tree Roots. Tree roots find their way through into pipes through the crack or joints of pipes & through breaks in the pipe wall.

Signs or symptoms of Blocked Drain Melbourne?

There are many different causes of blockages. The most common symptoms or signs include:

  • Water is filling up in the shower. Only after you get out of the shower you notice the water starting to retreat.
  • The toilet seems to continue to fill up and takes a while for the water levels to draw back to normal
  • Your getting some bad smells & odours wafting through the house, kitchen, bathrooms or laundry

There are also many causes of drainpipes becoming blocked up. Some of the most common symptoms of signs of a Blocked Drain Melbourne include

The water level is growing when you run the tap in the sink. You come back a few minutes later and notice the water levels on starting to drop

You flush the toilet however the waste does not disappear. You come back several minutes later to notice the water levels have only gone down by half

You look outside only to notice there is an overflow.

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