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Blocked Drain Melbourne – Causes of a Blocked Drain Melbourne

Keeping your drain running all the time is one of the hardest things. This is because your drain is subjected to a lot of daily work. For instance, you frequent your sink and bathroom often to do your dishes and take a shower. This frequency can overwhelm your drain, leading to a Blocked Drain Melbourne. Yet, you need to keep your drainage running all the time to maintain high-hygienic standards.

Major causes of a Blocked Drain Melbourne

Foreign objects – dropping of foreign objects onto a drain is one of the major causes of a blocked drain Melbourne. Dropping of objects such as toys, soap and jewellery can block your drain at home. It will be good not to drop these objects into your drain.

Hair – accumulation of hair into your drain can eventually block the drain. Dropping of hair into your drainage system normally happens when shaving or combing your hair. Try to dispose hair into your dustbin to reduce chances of a blocked drain Melbourne.

Trees and leaves – plants that grow around your garden can lead to a blocked drain. When pruning and cleaning your garden, you should use the right disposal method to avoid this problem.

Fats and grease – liquid fats that you wash down the sink can stick and block your drain. This is a major cause of a blocked drain Melbourne since many find it easy to wash their liquid fat into their sink instead of avoiding it.

Remedies to a Blocked Drain Melbourne

Natural remedies – many people love to use natural remedies to unblock Blocked Drain Melbourne for environmental reasons. If you use this remedy, you will need to pour a cup of baking soda down a blocked drain and then pour two cups of boiling water and wait for some minutes. You will then need to add one or more baking soda cups and follow it with plain white vinegar. The next thing you should do is to plug and drain. At this stage, you will notice that bubbles and sizzling noise is being emitted from the drain. Wait for the bubbles to disappear and add 2 cups of boiling water.

Chemicals – you can also use chemicals to unblock a blocked drain Melbourne. There are many chemicals designed to unblock your drainage system. These chemicals contain ingredients meant to dissolve fatty build-ups and remove odour from your drain. You need to be careful, though, to buy the correct chemicals since each drainage issue may require a different chemical. On the same note, you should follow instructions carefully to be safe and healthy.

Experts to solve Blocked Drain Melbourne

If you don’t have time, knowledge or confidence to unblock your blocked drain Melbourne, you can call Melbourne 24 Hour Plumbing. Plumbing experts not only have the tools necessary for the job, but also have skills to do it. In most cases, plumbing experts work for long hours. You can call them at any given time to help you unblock your blocked drain Melbourne.


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