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Bathroom Renovation: Why It’s Necessary and The Benefits of Hiring a Plumber for It

Bathroom renovation not only gives your home a facelift but also makes you feel like you’re up to the current modern standards. If your home is more than a decade old, you may notice bathroom tiles losing color or faucets not delivering water like they were when new. Increasing your home’s value starts with remodeling your bathroom. Even if selling your home is the last thing on your mind, rewarding your bathroom with a facelift is still vital.

Is renovating your bathroom necessary?

The benefits of renovating your bathroom include:

  1. It increases the value of your home

If you’re looking to sell your home at a higher value than you bought it, the first place you should consider remodeling is your bathroom. It replaces various fixtures like faucets, mirrors, sink, walls, and the floor. Keep in mind that trends keep changing. Ensure you check out the latest trends to ensure you get a beautiful bathroom a buyer will marvel at.

  1. It saves you money

While you might not see the need to replace various fixtures in your bathroom because they’re serving their purposes, keep in mind that they’ll get worn out over time. Eventually, you will spend more on utility costs associated with these damages. Remember, your bathroom interacts with water, soap, and other agents, leading to worn-out fixtures. Instead of replacing one fixture at a time, call a licensed plumber to handle the entire renovation project.

  1. It helps you to declutter

Assuming your bathroom lacks essential fixtures like cabinets to organize your space, it’s only a matter of time before you realize how cluttered your space looks. Fortunately, bathroom renovation ideas work by decluttering your bathroom space.

Why do you need a licensed plumber as part of your bathroom remodeling project?

It takes more than one professional to conduct bathroom remodeling like an architect, carpenter, plumber, and home improvement handyman. A licensed plumber can help transform your bathroom in the following ways:

  1. To streamline the initial planning process

The designing process for a bathroom remodeling project should involve a plumber. The architect will study your home’s blueprint and advise the plumber on installing showers, bathtubs, toilets, and sewer lines. These two professionals work together to ensure water runs through the pipes effectively and drains off to the sewer lines without compromising the house’s structure.

  1. To advise carpenters and home improvement experts

Upon completing the design process, the plumber will show carpenters and builders where to:

  • Install towel and toilet paper holders
  • Install different tiles
  • Install mirrors
  • Install cabinets

Plumbers, carpenters, and builders must work together to ensure these fixtures are in the right places and work effectively. The plumber will also advise the builder about installing the piping and draining before the builder and carpenter installs the fittings and tiles.

The benefits of hiring a plumber for bathroom renovation projects

  1. To prevent unforeseen problems

Renovating a bathroom needs to be tackled precisely to prevent unforeseen problems like damaged pipes, clogged drains, and many more. Fortunately, a licensed plumber already knows the repercussions of such mistakes. Moreover, they’re well-versed with building codes, ensuring your project complies with your local area’s renovation standards.

  1. To save time

Even if you’re an ardent DIY-er, the last thing you need is to spend more than a month renovating your bathroom because you’re cutting costs. That also means relocating your family until you complete the project. Eventually, you end up feeling worn out. Hiring a plumber is the only logical decision to make if you want to save time.

  1. They have the right tools for the project

Renovating your bathroom by yourself means buying tools that can be very expensive. It is highly unlikely that you’ll need some of these tools in the future. Why not divert these expenses to hiring a plumber instead?

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