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Bathroom Renovation by Melbourne 24 Hour Plumbing

During the initial stages of bathroom renovations, a plumber needs to be consulted. They will advise you on where to place your fixtures, such as basins, baths, showers, and toilets. All these fixtures need to be positioned well to run drainage pipes and water pipes to the fixtures. A plumber will also identify the ideal space and sizing for each fixture. They will also suggest whether it is necessary to install a drainage outlet depending on the type of space and flooring in case of water spills or flooding.

Qualified team of plumbers

Melbourne 24 Hour Plumbing is an ideal company to hire for your bathroom renovation. Our plumbers will advise you on the most appropriate fixtures to install. We will come and check out your property to advise on the most suitable plumbing renovations depending on the walls, flooring and space.

When the design is ready, our team of professional and qualified plumbers will consult with the builders and carpenters to arrange to install the drainage and piping before any tiling or fittings is completed. Once all the other trades have completed their work our plumbers will then connect the new fittings and fixtures to the drainage and piping and test the system to ensure no leakages.

Our company has the proper credentials, and all our plumbers are licensed to do renovations. Hiring our services will give you peace of mind to know that you are working with licensed and qualified professionals. We offer the best customer service and value to all our customers regardless of the size of the project.

Why should you hire us?

There are a lot of reasons to call us to your home or business for any projects. Our team of contractors has many years of experience behind them and can come up with practical solutions. We are the right team to hire because we will come to your home and identify the most appropriate places to install drainage or piping to avoid potential plumbing problems. We prioritize the needs of all our customers, and we will listen to your concerns to build an excellent professional relationship with you.

Melbourne 24-hour plumbing is the best company to hire for your renovation project at an affordable price, and you are assured of getting high-quality services. We are always ready to serve you, and we will provide you with a free quote to make sure you are well informed before we start working for you. Our prices are competitive without compromising on the quality of services we provide.

We have developed a unique and detailed bathroom renovation process. We will be involved from the initial process until the completion of the project. By collaborating with the builders and carpenters, we can develop a road map to ensure you get your desired bathroom remodel. As soon as we agree on the price and the project, we will provide you with a detailed scope of the work and the completion dates.

Looking for a general plumber or contractor is not enough. Instead, it would be best to look for a professional specializing in renovations such as Melbourne 24 Hour Plumbing. We have provided these services to many residents in Melbourne and the surrounding areas. We have the right tools, knowledge, and permits to complete your project fast and effectively.

We have the required experience to offer quality services

Once you hire us, we will deliver quality services without making any mistakes. Our team of professional plumbers and contractors have the right hands-on experience and technical know-how to handle any problems that may arise. Our many years of experience are enough proof to show you that we have vast expertise and are qualified to address your specific project.

We have built a good reputation over the years with enhanced skills that will benefit your project. Schedule a consultation with us today, and we will provide you with more information on our previous work and how long your project will take.

Explore our portfolio today and note any features or projects you would like to add to your bathroom renovation. Reviewing our previous work will help you determine if we are capable of meeting your expectations. We are the right team to hire, and we guarantee to deliver the best services.

Contact Melbourne 24 Hour Plumbing today at 1300 931 384 to service and maintain your plumbing installation and fixtures. We also fix plumbing-related issues like burst pipes, leaking taps, gas plumbing, hot water systems, blocked drains, etc. We are ready to serve you.




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