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4 Steps to Repair a Burst Pipe in Melbourne Homes

For many homeowners, the mere mention of burst pipes conjures up visions of water gushing from walls and ceilings in an uncontrolled torrent. However, the reality is often much subtler so dealing with a burst pipe in Melbourne homes starts with diagnosing the problem. If you know how to spot the less obvious signs of a major leak, you can call an emergency service like Melbourne 24 Hour Plumbing and get the pipe repaired before the damage becomes permanent. 

In this article, we discuss the four steps to take if you suspect a pipe has burst in your Melbourne home.

Step One – Diagnose the Problem

Locating a burst pipe can be harder than you think so you don’t need to know the precise location of a leak before calling an emergency plumber. However, you should take steps to diagnose the problem by looking for these common signs:       

  • New and/or expanding water stains on ceilings, walls, floors and/or other fixture
  • Unexplained bulges in walls and/or ceilings (especially if they’re wet or slimy to the touch)
  • Reduced water pressure from faucets OR no water flow at all
  • Unexplained rise in monthly water usage and household water bills 

Step Two – Switch Off Your Property’s Water Supply

After identifying a burst pipe in Melbourne properties, the second step emergency plumbers recommend is switching off the water supply. The quicker you can do this after finding a suspected leak, the more damage you will prevent. First, locate your home’s stop cock or outdoor shut-off valve. If there isn’t a stopcock underneath the kitchen sink, go outside and search the perimeter of your property; shut-off valves are never far from the walls of a house. 

If it’s safe to do so – i.e. there’s no water dripping down from the ceiling or around electrical sockets and appliances – go back inside and switch off your central heating. Drain any remaining water from the pipes to stop the leak until an emergency plumber can arrive. Do this by flushing your toilet once and running every faucet on cold until no more water comes out.

Step Three – Call an Emergency Plumber in Melbourne

The next step is to call an emergency plumber in your local area. Some plumbers, like Melbourne 24 Hour Plumbing, operate a 24/7 service so residents dealing with a burst pipe in Melbourne properties have access to a quick solution at any time. While there are some methods of DIY pipe repair you can use, they’re always a temporary fix. For instance, some minor cracks can be closed with hose clamps and sealant but there’s no telling how long a repair like this will hold. 

You need a professional plumber who can safely remove and replace the damaged section of pipe. Once your plumber has figured out the cause of the burst, they can give you advice on how to prevent it from happening again. For example, a common cause of burst pipes is expansion due to frozen water in cold weather. A plumber can recommend techniques like leaving the thermostat on low or wrapping vulnerable pipes in insulating sponge.

Step Four – Inspect the Damage

If you’re confident it’s safe to do so and there are no electric hazards, begin inspecting the damage while you wait for a plumber who is qualified to repair a burst pipe in Melbourne properties. The amount of damage will, of course, depend on the severity of the leak and how long it has gone unnoticed. 

Look carefully around the area of the leak and check any adjoining rooms for signs of water damage. The biggest water stain isn’t always in the same spot as the actual leak. Keep an eye out for smaller marks and blotches on the walls and ceilings. If the leak has been active for several days, you might notice a musty smell which could be an indication of mould.

Sprung a Leak? Call Melbourne 24 Hour Plumbing for Fast, Effective Plumbing Repairs

Melbourne 24 Hour Plumbing is a local plumbing service dedicated to keeping homes and businesses in Melbourne safe and dry. We specialise in emergency repairs so no matter when or how your property springs a leak, our team is always on hand to help. 

Phone Melbourne 24 Hour Plumbing on 1300 931 384 to speak to a licensed plumber and get your burst pipe fixed for good. ‘Cause when it comes to water damage, there’s just no time to wait around. See it, stop it, call us today.



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